Saturday, 16 February 2013

My wonderful brother and his wonderful fiance

So, today is Friday (but it's been published the day after) and I am so excited.  Hubby and I are visiting my brother C and his fiance A tonight.  He has already prepared my dinner and texted me a photo of it last night (he is a wonderful cook) because he is so good to me.  

We are out for a couple of cocktails, well A and I will be; Hubby and C will be on lager before we return for dinner and more alcohol.  I am being spoiled and we are staying overnight so I can drink and be even merrier and not worry about driving home or getting a taxi (at extortionate prices).

I am excited because as well as being wonderful, I did not speak to my brother for 18 months.  Technically he is my ex-brother in law and when he split from my sister I refused to talk to him for a while.  I was hurt that she was hurt and also, if I am honest, I was hurt that I lost a brother.

He was patient, waited for me to forgive him and we have picked up where we left off.  C and Hubby are so alike, like two peas in a pod, and are best friends and I have become best friends with his fiance, A which some might think is a bit weird but it isn't.

I love that he loves me, I love that he loves my nuttiness, I love that he looks forward to seeing me as much as I him, I love the huge bear hugs I get every time I see him, I love that when in one particular bar he drags me on the dance floor to dance and sing loudly (and badly) to our favourite 80's music.

I love that although he said he would never marry again, A broke down his defenses and he loves her enough to want to risk breaking his heart again.  I love that A loves me, I love that we are best friends, I love that she has asked me to be her matron of honour (though admittedly my sister is going to hate that), I love that she wants me involved in planning every aspect of the wedding.  I love that I can get over my bruised feelings about how my sister and C broke up to accept A and she me.

Anyhoo, I may not be in a fit state to post on Saturday, hence setting this one up early.

My little aliens and I are off now, to dance around my office chair in muted excitement all day waiting desperately for 3pm.


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