A bit about little old me

I am a recently turned 40 year old accountant by day (and in my opinion not that good a one) and a nutty wife and mum at home.  I started this blog 2 years ago and have been sporadic in posting up until recently as my mind jumps from one thing to another and generally if something is not on a list it isn’t done; and if on the list it may get done if I remember to look at the list.

Me and Beautiful B celebrating my hen weekend
I started the blog as a way to avoid cramming for final accountancy exams dump my thoughts and had no intention of telling anyone about it.  I thought it would be something for our daughter Beautiful B to have in years to come but have recently told my daughter and bestest friends about the blog.  Being brave is not my cup of tea I have to be honest and it was a huge step and I still fight anxiety over doing so.

I’ve been married 3 times; to Beautiful B’s dad when I was 19, to my second husband when I was in my twenties and I met Hubby at work when I became his manager.  Our relationship came as a surprise to both of us when I left the team to try and become the nuttiest accountant at work.  I am not a serial wife honestly, I just took a long time to decide what it was I was looking for. 
Hubby - as you can tell he hates his having his photo taken
I have been with Hubby for 8 years and he made an honest woman out of me on the 8th October 2012 and now I understand what my mum meant years ago when she said that when I met ‘The One’ I would know because I so do!
As mental as me? Maybe...

Beautiful B was born in 1994 and is the light of my life.  She has grown to be one of the most empathetic people I know and she has the career she so wanted as a nurse and for which she is made for.  I live vicariously through her as I always wanted to be a midwife but didn’t train as I couldn’t cope with the little ones that didn’t make it. Beautiful B has had so much heartache (in fact she got it both barrels) in the last 18 months and the strength she has shown to get through it all has been truly amazing and a testament to her strength.

We have 4 dogs.  Fred was bought because my second husband told me I couldn’t have a dog.  Lily followed 6 months later and she gave birth to Cala who in turn gave birth to Abi because I ‘pimped’ them out according to Beautiful B.  You can read more about them here.

I’m quite shy in real life and appear quite aloof.  When I get to know you though; beware you see the real me and I’m not all there; really I am not.  I am quiet at work except for the odd time that I open my mouth and ramble incessantly due to insecurity. 
In real life with my family and friends I let loose, don’t take myself seriously (because there is no point) and don’t care what people think – you like me or you don’t – if only I could take that attitude into work.  I do over share, don’t take anything I say seriously especially if I am expressing an opinion.  I have a tendency to open my mouth and say whatever is running through my mind at the moment which makes me look incredibly stupid (hence the quietness at work) but it does amuse Hubby and my brother and they love me for it.

I don’t write the blog in relation to a specific issue such as motherhood (mostly because I was rubbish at it and I think I was just incredibly lucky with Beautiful B); others would argue with me but still.  This blog is purely about dumping my brain.  You can like it, love it, hate it and if you love it I would it if you commented.

So who knows about this blog in my family:

Hubby:  May do if I have told him without thinking when updating the blog.  He thinks Facebook is a total waste of time and probably doesn’t ‘get’ blogs either seen as the last book he read from start to finish was ‘Mr Bump’ of the Mr Men fame.

Beautiful B: She does now but only recently.  I figured if I was going to tell my best friends about it then it was only fair she knew about it!!

Best friend, Angel: A codename as I have written about her before she knew about the blog so didn’t want to give her real first name away.  She has the misfortune of being my longest running best friend – 28 years at the last count for me which is shocking in one way and fantastic in every other way.  She has OCD worse than me; scrubbing the kitchen floor on hands and knees while in labour was enough evidence of that.

Best friend, Rachel: Was R on the blog until she knew about it.  She prefers the use of her own name instead of a code name. Rachel also has worse OCDishness than I have so I can have conversations about dirt and the need for order quite happily with her.  Do you see a theme developing…

Best friend, A: A is my brothers, fiancĂ©.  My brother is my ex brother-in-law as he and my sister divorced and I met A through him and I love her.  She is much younger and much less wrinkly than I am, she is fantastic for my brother and my nephew and we have become best friends. She doesn’t have OCDishness but likes to keep C happy because he is a little OCDish.

Best friend K: K used to live 2 houses down from ours with her husband M.  Like me, K is shy and appears aloof but Hubby and M talked over the garden walls, we shared Christmas cards, an invite to their wedding and K is now my best friend.  We spend most of our time having BBQs in any weather that was not rain (thanks to M), drinking and turning K’s kitchen into a laboratory experimenting to make daiquiris. 

My Brother, C: does not know about the blog unless A has told him In fact; I would wager he doesn’t because he would have told me.  He gets me and loves me for me, finds me highly amusing (or rather my scatty, nutty side) and I love the huge bear hugs I get every time I see him.  

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