Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What I learned this week

I am in my 6th week in Newcastle - a 5 hour journey away from home.  For the past 3 weeks I have been home 2 days a week and spending anything up to 15 hours a day at work (or doing work in the hotel room), hence the lack of posts on the blog.
  1.  Unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for an internet connection, you cannot post anything on your blog for weeks.  Though, admittedly, you might struggle to find the time to do that.
  2. People that don't normally work with you find it highly amusing and bemusing that you can have a huge bruise on your arm and not know how it got there.  Nor do they understand how bruises on knees occur without recollection.  
  3. These are the same people who met you on day one when things happened in threes so why they are surprised I am unsure.
  4. Although you know that Hubby loves you with all his heart it is amusing to see him demonstrate how much he misses you when you get home on a Friday - his offer to "watch the UK embarrass itself in front of the rest of the world" (translated to mean the Olympic Opening Ceremony) is the biggest demonstration of that.
  5. A simple training session for representatives from around the UK for a whole government department can result in the requirement to write 2 huge papers for consideration during your leave.  You then decide that you would only think about the 2 huge papers that need writing while you are on 3 weeks leave to sit on your butt and watch the Olympics so you will work the first week and miss the diving.....
  6. Although Hubby misses you when you are away he likes the idea of you "actually finding sometime to concentrate on you and not me and Beautiful B"
  7. Finding time to concentrate on you translates to returning to the hotel room at 7.15pm, eating tea, completing some more work, sitting on the bed to watch a bit of TV at about 10pm and finding yourself waking up with a stiff neck at about 1am.
  8. When your toe starts to hurt to the extent that you are struggling to walk the 15 minutes either side of a metro train journey it is a good idea to get it looked at, despite your very real phobia of feet and people touching them, because if you don't you may find yourself almost unable to walk the following week.
  9. Despite your best effort you cannot hide a very real limp from Hubby and the resulting nagging to go to the NHS walk in centre.  You will only get to Newcastle, remove your sock and realise that you should have listened because you will end up there the next day.
  10. When you realise you need taxi's to get anywhere more than around your hotel room and down the lift explaining the issue to your manager will result in a very understanding conversation and a demand to use taxis as required because work will cover the expense.
  11. There will be a stage where the wonderful people you are temporarily work with state they are not even asking how I have managed to injure myself and that if I was a horse they would put me out of my misery.
  12. Oh and the Olympics are absolutely fabulous!

Now, what did you learn?
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