Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What I learned this week

Well firstly, it has been a looooong time since I found the time to post on this blog!  I am sure that I managed to get the 6 hits I did yesterday purely by accident!

Work has been manic; in fact up until I finished for my Christmas leave on the 19th I spent 10 of those days away from home and away from Hubby.  The dogs even sulked and made sure I knew I had upset them by spending more time with daddy for a day or so when I returned.  Poor little things don't trust me to stay at home anymore.

At last I have caught up on my sleep and much of that has been needed to sleep off all the Christmas food and treats that have been in our house as a result of hosting the family Christmas dinner here.

So....this is a belated What I learned this week and so some of these lessons may be more than a week old, the first of which being....
  • ....it is really stupid to be looking at an incoming text when walking down 5 stone steps outside a hotel because I may miss the step and fall down all 5 of them.
  • sprained ankles (yes, that is a plural) don't always manifest themselves straight away.  In fact, I can sit in a meeting at work and feel the pain increasing to the extent that when I stand up I can hardly walk
  • I found out just how great some of my work mates are when they walked slowly up a hill to the Christmas party with me just so I could hobble there with company
  • Not only that they also walked me slowly back to the hotel so they could give me some support because 2 Amaretto Sours didn't dull the pain
  • Sprained ankles can recover and then suddenly become very painful again
  • Apparently sprained ankles can take up to 8 weeks to recover and physio may be required
  • If you over extend the ligament that runs around your ankle to the front of your foot you can experience sharp pains up the front of your ankle more than 2 weeks after the fall
  • Stairs are very painful when you have over extended that darn ligament around the ankle
  • Tramadol helps if only to send me off to cloud cuckoo land
In other news:
    obtaining a copy of Supernatural season 9 from abroad because Sky stopped showing it is a pain in the butt
  • Jenson Ackles looks so much better in Season 8 than he did in Season 1
  • The sale at the garden centre for Christmas decorations is just great if you are there on the 27th waiting for it to open.  Father Christmas at his workbench making toys agrees with me
  • Beautiful B cries her eyes out when she receives a present that she loves
  • Hosting Christmas dinner for my parents, aunty and uncle and hubby's mum is so much fun and Hubby makes it so much easier for me to do the entertaining because he does all the cooking so I can't accidently poison anyone
  • My mum in law has fallen in love with Amaretto Sours and lemonade; I'm now going to experiment with other cocktails for her to try over the New Year
  • Hosting New Years Day buffet means I enjoyed shopping for food especially cakes
So, what have you learned over the Christmas period?
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