Friday, 15 February 2013

Five things Friday

I read a wonderful blog called "From Inmates to Playdates" every day.  Julie sounds as nutty as me and I am sure if I met her I would love her.  Go on, go and read her blog and then come back - I'll wait.

See?  Told you she was wonderful.

In the meantime, I am going to do a post today that Julie started - Five things Friday - and today it is all about Beautiful B.

Beautiful B has been ill for five weeks now! After an enforced week off work she returned determined to continue to help her patients even though she got a cold on the back of the severe chest infection.  Turns out it was not such a good we found out when test results came back and the GP called her in to see her.  She has:

  1. still got a chest infection so received even stronger antibiotics because the bacteria which should be susceptible to 500mg of amoxycillin 4 times a day, let alone 1g 4 times daily decided it didn't want to be;
  2. exacerbated her asthma, for which she hasn't had an attack since she was 8 so now has 2 different inhalers to use;
  3. has a severe ear infection causing her to be almost deaf in her right ear;
  4. has a severely inflamed throat infection; and
  5. has completely lost her voice other than the odd squeak but still insists on trying to speak.
So we came out of the GP surgery nearly £25 lighter because of the meds and an enforced sick note for a week as the GP was scared Beautiful B would defy her advice and try and go back to work and an instruction to see her in another week to ensure the infection has cleared up.

Beautiful B is not overly impressed at having to be off work, though lets face it, she works on an orthopedic ward with a lot of old frail people - with the infection she has she could inadvertently pass an illness on that could kill one of them.  Home is the best place for her. 

I'm guessing that the manta "you do not go to the doctors unless you feel like you are dying" throughout my childhood rubbed off onto me and now Beautiful B as she has plodded on feeling breathless on the slightest exertion thinking she would eventually get better.  Sometimes, my mum and I have a lot to answer for!

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