Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A little bit of everything

A nice warm lie-in would have been lovely this morning but it doesn't happen with an Abi sheep in the house!  So awake at 5 meant catching up on 24 Hours in A&E before braving the chill. 

A bit of pottering about because that's what you are supposed to do as you age before tackling the what was dining room which is slowly becoming my mum-in-laws living room. Today was a replacement fire after I hastily moved everything around so the gas engineer didn't have to play mountaineer to get to it. 

Tomorrow will be a quote for decorating the room. I say decorate instead of paint because it would appear that one wall still has a life of its own and is already messing up the new plaster despite numerous professionals assuring g us it isn't damp. I see a feature wallpaper coming on....

Then I had a sit down with the iPad and POOF two hours disappeared. I'm now sat in the garage while people look at my car to find out why the button for the electric windows is sticking - though of course not right now because my car is alive and laughing its head off at working them intermittently and yes you guessed it they are working fine right now. 

After this back home to potentially clean up after the fluffs who may protest at me leaving them, a bit of dinner and then to the snooker accounts I go. If I get those done early enough I might be able to sit down and finish the cross stitch I'm doing for my mum-in-law!  

There's no relaxing when on a day off work these days.... 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Today has been a day of two halves; the first being so busy I forgot time and it rushed by and the other realising time has flown by because I'm dancing around in my chair desperate for a pee and thinking 'I just want to finish this calculation'.  

It's been a day of feeling bone tired yet also a day where work has energised me to get through the day quickly. 

It's been a day of wanting to go back to bed to one of wanting another hour at work to finish the job I had to leave unfinished until tomorrow morning. 

It's been a day of desperately wanting to clean the house but also a day of being too busy to do so. 

It's a day where I want fresh linen on my bed but equally I'm led on it half finished because I'm shattered. 

It's a day of feeling so tired I am packing myself off to bed early while equally wanting to spend quality time with Hubby. 

It's not a day where I promise myself that I'm going to spend quality time with Hubby tomorrow but know it's unlikely because I will make that happen no matter what!  

Monday, 9 January 2017

Such a long day

I've been away for a while and can't get used to this new Blogger app- there's evidence that some 40 something year olds struggle with social media!

I'm sat in the car park at work after a long drive which was preceded by watching Revenant on ultra HD which was amazing and, as much as I love Christmas, far far too long packing all the decorations away. 

Sat in a traffic jam makes me tired and I already feel exhausted and so a long day at work and the drive home is totally uninspiring. So I thought I would just talk to you guys instead (have a moan......).

Tonight I have snooker accounts and invoicing to do which is easy enough but after a full day of balancing accounts at work I would rather stick toothpicks under my fingernails. 

I saw my wonderful friend, Rachel, yesterday afternoon and loved it. Work has gotten in the way this last year, I say work I mean my work not Rachel's as she is so much more organised than me. Add to that how much fitter she is than me at the moment and as more energy and last year was a recipe for disaster. I mean honestly, picture the  energy levels of a sloth merged with a tortoise and that's me. In fact if you pit me against that combination in a race I would't recommend betting on me. I mean who drives from Bury to Blackpool and calls in at Tesco for a couple of things and nods off in the car?! I do apparently.... 

Sitting in the car watching the rain fall before work is oddly soothing. On second thoughts I'd best get out of the car before it sends me to sleep....

Friday, 6 January 2017

Sympathetic Mother

After a long drive home in the wind and rain I checked my phone to see this message from Beautiful B in relation to an engineer visit for her broken fire in the lounge:  

'Someone's been round to look at my fire. He pulled it out an there was a pigeon skeleton in it!!!!!! A pigeon skeleton!!!!!! In my house. Behind my fire. The poor thing has obviously fallen down the chimney and then got stuff and died. And now it's remains are in my house. I feel sick.'

I texted back: 'Was it well done?'