Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Oh That's Where The Gym Is!!

Did someone move it I hear you ask?  Did it disappear into a black hole for a time?  Was it closed for refurbishment?  Well yes to the latter but that was a good few months ago and does not explain why my legs have not dragged me there since.

When did I say I was going to go to the gym?  Months ago I mentioned it, remember the girl on the bike with the gorgeous pair of legs I wanted to emulate?  I was supposed to start a gym regime in June but we were decorating. In July I decided to wait until exam results, so sure of the fail that I decided that if I failed I would not have time to go to the gym, August - decorating - honest! (and that is another story and one which I am thoroughly fed up with). Though not constantly so, yes I agree there was really no excuse.

Yesterday I got off my butt.  Despite being unhappy with my self image for as long as I can recall in this last year I have done nothing about it.  No-one to blame but myself, though as much as I love Hubby surely he has to take some responsibility for my lack of motiviation?  He constantly tells me he loves me as I am, I do not need to lose weight for him etc etc.  That boosts my confidence but it has given me an excuse to be lazy and try any type of food that has "New" splashed across it (though that relates to anything "new" not just food!)

I love "The Biggest Loser" - I think it is one of the best shows on TV at the moment (excluding Criminal Minds because that is all things FBI Profiling related and has gorgeous Morgan in it) but when I get to the stage where I eat whilst watching a bunch of people bigger than me sweat blood and tears to lose weight I figure someone is begging me to get a grip.

So off I went with Beautiful B.  What a godsend she was.  As well as the fact that she makes me smile flitting about onto different machines like a butterfly, randomly appearing again to give me a radiant smile reminding me how much I love her and how gorgeous she is, when setting up the direct debit the conversation went like this:

BB: "Oooh, do you get a discount like me?"
Me: "No darling, I am not 16 like you nor can I even argue I am a student any longer." (I was so tempted to say "No darling, I am not 4 ft 0 like you and can therefore reach all of the machines" but I resisted....
Reception person: "Do you work for the council or blah..."(and some other company that I cannot recall because my brain starting ringing potential money saving bells at this point)
Me: "No but I do work for the huge government department down the road"
Reception person: "That counts"
BB smiles at me with a silent "Yay" and imaginary punch in the air at her unexpected resourcefulness (feel free to replace with the word innocence).

We proceed to fill in forms, still without me asking how much I save because my British reservedness meant I felt that was a bit cheeky.  Luckily for me one of the forms provided such information and I heaved a huge sigh of relief that I did not have to wait until next months bank statement to see how much I was saving.....

Off we trolleyed to the gym upstairs (why is the gym upstairs!  Breaking me in gently I assume).  The gym is FANTASTIC.  New equipment as well as being 3 times the size it was last time I went. 

Whilst attempting to log myself in, I was notified my account had been suspended; I correctly assumed this was due to inactivity.  The nice gym instructor asked how long it was since I last attended.  I informed him "ooooh about 3 months" (thinking "more like 6") not wanting to have to be tortured whilst being shown how to use every piece of equipment again during what is otherwise known as an induction. 

When I did manage to log myself in the computer quietly informed me that I had last logged in on the 19th of September LAST YEAR.  Honest, that surprised me - it would appear time flies when you are stuffing your face with popcorn watching people lose weight on TV.

Added bonus: I can walk normally today.  No aches and pains so I must have been sensible finally (lets face it, eating and not exercising for a year is hardly sensible) and broken myself in somewhat gently.  I was surprised I did not get as breathless on the treadmill as I do when walking round the trail with Hubby and the fluffers - then I realised it was because I wasn't talking like I do on the trail.   Only because Hubby finds my aritculation of random thoughts cute and amusing whereas others may try to commit me to a mental institution by the end of the evening.......

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Granted it does not take much to get me excited, I admit it, when Hubby said this morning "Ribena, I love you but you truly are a froot loop" I had to agree.  After all, not everyone lives with little Toy Story type aliens in their head on a daily basis.

However, each morning I check the blogs that I follow and I get all excited when I see one from the Queen B - she is fabulous and makes me laugh (and a few times has made me cry when reading the trials she has gone through and how strong she stays). 

Today's blog is about a school project that her daughter has to complete.  This project involves a "killing jar" and 30 bugs - in Queen Bs house for a whole number of days!  Not Queen Bs idea of fun and neither would it be mine.

Had Beautiful B come home and said that she had to collect bugs and then kill them in a jar, I would have refused, once I picked myself up from the floor after the requisite fainting spell.  It's not that they scare me; Hubby has a serious spider phobia going on and Beautiful B was bad with spiders before he moved in so I am the resident spider mover, they just make my skin crawl with their nastiness.

I have been reliably informed by a lovely work colleague who has just qualified as a counseller that I do not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and that I just like cleaning.  Hubby maintains that I still have OCD, its just now Obsessive Cleaning Disorder.  Seriously though, my OCD would not cope with having bugs in my house; alive or dead.  I would lie awake at night worrying.

As much as I hate them, I'd worry about two things; 1, the mess/diseases/nastiness they fetch in the house on their feet and things (even if they are in a killing jar) and 2; the fact that we are killing innocent animals for some science experiment.  I know it happens in reality in science but surely not in my house.

I love the idea of living in the USA, I dream incessently about our upcoming holiday to Orlando and that is 2 years away, but this is the first time I am glad that we don't live in America.  Their school projects sound so much more intense than ours.  The most I did was grow Cress from seeds and wet cotton wool.  I have a fuzzy memory of dissection of a frog or similar in high school but I somewhat recall refusing to get involved and have obviously tried blanking it from my mind ever since.

Now, seriously - go check out Queen Bs blog - she fabulous!