Wednesday, 7 February 2018

I'm baaaaacccckkkkk

....and almost as crazy as the guy that said that in Independence Day! 

So so much has happened since I last posted and life has been far busier than I would like it to be.  For a while work took over my life - turns out that 16 hours a day, 5 days a week does make you almost as crazy as the guy from Independence Day that flew the plane into the alien ship.

I should go and look at when I last posted to see where we were up to but I really can't be bothered. 

Instead a quick run down of where we are: 
    Beautiful B moved in with her boyfriend and bought 2 Labradors because she is as mental as me - one of which is so big her boyfriend has to walk it as it drags Beautiful B down the street;
    Beautiful B's boyfriend proposed to her on their 5th anniversary together as a couple - soppy so and so;
    Clearly they love Starbucks a little too much!
    I cried, she cried and her ring was too big for her finger now she has lost so much weight!
    Hubby and I quite enjoyed the lack of arguments with Beautiful B about leaving the dinner pots for hours before washing them for a while.....;
    Hubby's mum has moved in with us - dementia results in the same conversation numerous times but I love her to bits and pieces;
    Fredster died.....we all broke our hearts,

    Charlie her Lab couldn't cope on his own so they bought Coco who is the maddest and heaviest Lab I know - she has lovely eyes but they do make her look dopey...;

    Coco's head accidently hit my nose and nearly broke it - she was aiming to put her head under my chin - I think she may need glasses; 
    Lily sheep developed a cancerous tumour on her foot - unfortunately one of the most aggressive forms - an operation to remove the tumour and a claw and then Chemo was never going to save her but did give her a better quality of life in her last 6 months; 

    Prior to that we adopted a Bichon called Pip from an old couple who were ill - she is mental! Just mental!  Such a character - 25% annoying, 25% loud, 25% loving and 25% showing everyone that she is now top dog;

    Nope, Pip isn't weird at all! 

    We have quickly understood that we must change the channel if the Meerkat advert comes on TV as Pip goes mad.  As she does with the BT advert and the Royal London advert - those appear to be due to a hatred of the colour purple. She cannot stand the dog on the G Tech advert and any captions result in her going mad.  Mind you she also goes mental at.....horses, dogs, footballs (I can join her for that one), cats, any animated character on TV and the seagulls outside our house if they dare to come too close to the garden....

    She throws herself at the TV - if that falls over it had better fall on her head to break the fall....only joking! 

    I spent about 5 months travelling and staying weeknights in Leeds while supporting the financial evaluations for a contract and found a truly remarkable friend.  We are so alike it is scary.  I now consider her one of my best friends and we visit each other frequently.  Both of us would say that there is nothing better than sitting at home in PJ's doing cross stitching - now that is showing our age!

    All of my best friends are supporting me through a very difficult time at the moment.  R works on the same project as me and so understands the workload - at least I am not talking a different language when we twitter on about work. J visits and I visit her.  N, my oldest and dearest best friend visits me when I cannot face leaving the house.  K and little E make me laugh when the little one visits to play with the dogs.  I would publically like to thank all of them eternally for their love, support, acceptance and understanding - I love you all.

    As you can see I still juggle all sorts of balls in the air at any one time despite my mind slowly catching up, on occasion, with my age.....

    Right I am off - door fitters are here to fit a new front door.  Large selection of colours - I picked the one colour that Hubby didn't want - shame that because I am going to love directing people to the house with the red front door!

    Bye for now....