Monday, 18 February 2013

An anticipated but nervous move

So you all know I twitter on about my manky hands and I may or may not have (because I have a brain made of mush and aliens) alluded to having special equipment at work.  I have a bulging disc at C5/C6 which gets lazy and leans against a nerve or two when it feels like it sending weird and not so wonderful pains down my arms and hands.  

Anyhoo, I have a specialist desk, chair, keyboard, mouse and voice activated equipment at work. The only problem is that I am a touch typist and can type faster than the voice activated equipment wants to work.  As for excel work, we the voice activated equipment may as well go on strike.  If it was an actual person it would be sacked for being about as useful as ice-cream in hell.  In a room with other people it just flat out sulks.

I am in a little room of my own which does get lonely but I have some wonderful photos of Beautiful B and Damon from The Vampire Diaries on the wall and a nice magnetic white board with fridge magnets on that say things such as "It's been Monday all week" and "Real women don't have hot flushes - they have power surges".  

These buildings are being closed and we are moving to an office which is open plan with very few cellular rooms.  This means I have to move to a room full of people and today I moved to a room full of people to prepare the voice activated equipment to pull up its socks, suck it up and just do it's job.  Maybe with more memory and better microphone and sound card but that is what this initial move is for.

Except I hate talking in a room full of people - it's embarrassing and that doesn't count the frustration I am going to feel when the voice activated equipment doesn't work as I want it to.  

I spend too much time typing, it is too tempting for me to type when busy, which at the moment is ALL THE TIME so being in a room sat next to my boss who is going to remind me to use the right equipment will be good for me.

I need to suck it up and get on with it and accept if it slows my productivity.  The pain I experience is affecting home life and that sucks.  I have had 6 inches chopped off my hair as I couldn't brush it after a shower, I use special equipment to chop vegetables, Hubby does the ironing because using the strength needed causes pain for days.  To top it off now I can't play my beloved computer games and do my cross-stitch which leave me the TV and reading.  I am hoping that using the voice-activated equipment as I should, even though it will make me slow (which I already know I will find so hard to swallow) will allow me to do more housework at home and be able to stitch again as well as play computer games.  

Time will tell.  In the meantime, until the rest of the people in this room learn to tune my voice out, I am off to annoy each and every single one of them while I lose my temper with the voice activated equipment.

Wish me luck......


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