Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What I learned this week

Firstly, special thoughts to Julie who is struggling, along with her family, at the minute.  My thoughts are with you all.

In no particular order this week, I have learned;

  • I am still far too good at procrastinating;
  • The old saying ‘good things in life don’t come free’ may be true if my blog is anything to go by because I cannot post photos any longer and despite trying everything I haven’t posted since mid February 2012 if my iPad is anything to go by which obviously is not correct;

Update: Being the dizzy mare that I am having just checked it appear that I may just have mistaken the last post for one I wrote last year so the blog site is not at fault.  I just haven’t posted since the middle of last month.  I may have to double check posting photos now as I may well have been stupid numerous times over when trying to post them…….

  • I still don’t get all the excitement over Cheltenham Festival, even Gold Cup Day but I sure appreciate it being a good enough reason to take almost a week off (not including the 2 days worth of work trips I had to make) to spend some precious time with Hubby, Beautiful B, my brother C and A;
  • Over-estimating the price of a replacement shower, especially if you do not realise you are over-estimating at the time, makes for nice surprises when you discover the actual price of replacement and fitting because it means you can buy a new basin and taps (I know easily pleased);
  • As unfair as it sounds it is quite amusing to watch Hubby get more and more angry at the price of a basin (“with nothing else”), taps and a basin plug especially when he says that he “is feeling financially raped”;
  • The installation of said shower will result in excitement at the idea of having a shower for the first time in a loooooong time; and
  • It doesn’t matter how much work you have to do you can still feel bored, restless and fed up at work.

So what have you learned this week?

To join in on the What I Learned This Week carnival, simply follow these steps:

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3. Then visit the other participants on both blogs and see what they learned this week.

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