Friday, 27 April 2012

The day Beautiful B got a proper job

Beautiful B was made to nurse, she was made to care for others more than herself, she was made to be one of the most empathetic people I know, she lives for nursing and she has a new found understanding of loss since her dad and sister passed away earlier this year which she now takes to her job to help others more than she already did.

Beautiful B is about to finish her college years and move on into the big bad world of careers - at a time when the National Health Service is drastically cutting its nursing staff by 40%.  

Beautiful B decided she did not want to go to university to get the degree she needs to be a staff nurse after working in the hospital and seeing how they spend more time on paperwork than on patients - Beautiful B wants to care for people as much as she can and if that means she earns less as a Health Care Assistant then so be it.  

When the opportunity arose she took the initiative and spoke to the ward sister where she is currently working as part of her college course, duly completed an application form and was short-listed for an interview.  She was prepped by her course coordinator who has been astoundingly supportive to Beautiful B in recent months going above and beyond to help us get Beautiful B through some of her worst days of her life.   On the day of her interview a ward sister gave Beautiful B a reference to give the interviewers - if that did not speak of her work ethic and determination nothing would and I was so proud of her for working so hard that her colleagues wanted to help her get the job.

She stressed after the interview because she forgot to mention one thing - one thing! Granted, quite a major thing but taking nerves into account and the fact that what she forgot was part of her daily routine as a nurse I felt they would overlook it. They did!

Less than 2 hours after she interviewed, she got a phone call to offer her the job.  Her course coordinator was told that the chairman of the interview board had wanted her to work on her ward but she couldn't wrangle it - again, more evidence of what I already know.

I am so very proud of Beautiful B, she is her dad's legacy and hubby and I are privileged to have her in our lives and be responsible for helping her along the way.  Her dad will have been smiling down on her and willing her along and I love that she will continue to care for people in her career just as she does as a part of her every day life.  

Beautiful B can work a "normal" week, she can quit McDs and actually have 2 days a week to herself.  This will do so much for her confidence and once at the hospital, when she is ready to earn more money and take the next step up in her career she can do a bursary course to take the degree she doesn't want to do at the moment.  

Today Beautiful B is sad.  She has her bad days but I wonder if today she is sad that she can't share her joy with her dad in person.  That she can't see physically how very proud of her he would be right now.  Today she needs more love than usual. Today she needs to stay busy to avoid being overwhelmed.  Today I wish her dad was here to give her a hug; instead hubby and I will do it for him.

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