Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Oh the irony

Last night I settled down to watch Obese: A year to save my life USA - yes, I am aware that by now if you have read past posts you are thinking I am kind of obsessed with all sorts of diet programmes.  

Last night was a guy who weighed in at 498 pounds and he was so very unhappy.  What I immediately noticed was what looked like a very painful looking gait when he walked.  Later in the programme a MRI showed that his knee joint was basically bent at a 45 degree angle!  How painful that must be for anyone, let alone a person carrying that much weight. 

Anyhoo, at one stage this man had to walk across a bridge and back (the longest footbridge somewhere); a total of 1.5 miles.  Not far you say - well, not for most of us but bear in mind this man was still 450 lbs, has a knee at 45 degrees and was carrying 50lbs worth of what was his favourite food and drink. 

Whilst he walked another person started heckling him - for being fat.  Now, that is bang out of order for a start but he carried on walking while this other person, and I use that term loosely, continued to call him fat amongst other things. 

Eventually Chris, the trainer, lost it and went over and bawled this man out.  When he returned to his trainee a comment was made that he was quite rough on him but it was appreciated as no-one had ever stood up for this poor man before.

What I found ironic was that the guy heckling was a homeless person, pushing a trolley across this bridge.  Now I get that there are all sorts of reasons that people become homeless and he shouldn't be mocked for that but in some way his life was out of control, just like the bloke who was the focus of the show.  Except his life was out of control because of food and something in his past had caused him to start to eat and find comfort in that.

People in glass houses really should not throw stones....

The man went onto lose 208 lbs in a year, which is amazing considering the level of pain he worked through to get there.  

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