Saturday, 28 April 2012

Today we celebrate

Hubby is 39 today.  Today is the 7th time I have had the privilege of sharing his birthday with him. Today he will snuggle up in bed for longer while I serve him breakfast in bed.  Today he will relax and watch his sport before we go out, spend money on horse racing (even if it is only pretend horse racing) in order to raise money for the football club I am treasurer for and whilst doing that we will spend quality time with wonderful family and friends.

Today I will make sure, as I do every day, that hubby knows how much I adore him, how grateful I am that we found each other, how grateful I am that he is so patient and understanding of all my flaws, confidence issues and hang-ups.  Today Hubby will know that I cannot imagine my life without him.  

Yesterday Hubby took cakes to work for his colleagues - a weird tradition we government staff have; it is your birthday so you provide the cakes.....  Yesterday Hubby would have been more than uncomfortable with the attention he will get from his work colleagues but he will put others before himself for the sake of camaraderie on his team.

Tonight he will be much less than impressed if Beautiful B takes it upon herself to ask the man with the microphone to lead the room in singing him "Happy Birthday" but I would be very surprised if she does not do it. 

Today is the 7th time I have celebrated his birthday with him and it is one of many more to come.  Today I will spend my time repaying Hubby in any small ways I can find, for the happiness he has brought to both my and Beautiful B's lives and for giving my mum and dad a son they can be proud of.  

Today I will thank Hubby for making our house a home and a safe haven.

Happy Birthday Hubby to be.  I promise I won't ever throw you a party, not even next year seen as you will "divorce me" even though we are not married if I dare to do such a thing.

I will always be yours, until the stars fall out of the sky.  You make my life complete, you are the air that I breathe and the love I am surrounded by reminds me of that each and every day.  Thank you for sharing your life with me. 

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