Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What I learned this week

So, I trollied off London yesterday for a meeting. I’d like to say it went without a hitch…..

1. When you go to bed early the night before in preparation for a 4am alarm, be prepared for baba fluff to throw up twice, only to put your feet under the covers and discover she has been there too and that you need to change the bedding. Don’t let her on the fresh bedding because you will find yourself having to change that bedding approximately 5 minutes later.

2. Hubby is the best hubby-in-the-making ever because at that point he will insist on sleeping on the couch downstairs so you can get some much needed sleep while he continues to clean up after baba fluff for the next couple of hours.

3. When getting in the car to set off to the station don’t get distracted and look over your shoulder at Freddy fluff who is peering at your though the window when you are shutting the car door, otherwise you forget your fingers are in the way.

4. Think yourself lucky that your control gene ensured you set off early enough to get to the station, only to discover that although trains leave at ungodly hours the ticket window does not open until a whole hour later and so you cannot get a car park ticket, because you have enough time to drive the car back home frantically phoning for a taxi to meet you there to get you back to the station in time.

5. Ensure you have sufficient change for a different car park in case this ever happens in future because you then don’t have to drive the car all the way home.

6. It’s important to get used to having to now book tickets for specific journeys and that may result in you sitting at Euston Station for 2 hours waiting for the train you can actually get on.

7. Make sure you definitely know what time you are booked onto the train because then you won’t be told by the conductor that you should have been on the train an hour earlier….because then you can get home before 9.30pm and get an extra hour of cuddles with Hubby as a bonus.

8. When you get home Hubby will tuck you up in bed and take all the fluff bags downstairs so that you can catch up on some much needed sleep.

9. Next time, don’t be a martyr for work and stay in London the night before because 18 hour days are a killer……

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