Friday, 16 March 2012

Back to Thursday

So yesterday was Thursday.  Yes, I know you know, I frequently state the obvious. 

Thursdays are the new days for exhaustion apparently.  Dragging myself out of bed, in retrospect, seems like a waste of time as I was little more than useless at work yesterday.  It felt like wading through mud....with concrete blocks on my feet......which were chained to a wall.

So yet again, for the second week in a row I took myself off home as soon after 3pm would allow, bearing in mind that this wonderful governmentally security system takes 5 minutes to log my computer of.  Poor Hubby didn't even get a kiss hello yesterday as I walked through the door and immediately upstairs with only an "I love you" over my shoulder.

My brain was still able to make some informed choices however when Hubby asked "What time should I wake you?"   Sleeping for 2-3 hours only to be woken for dinner would likely result in me being awake at stupid o'clock, unable to sleep and trying to read a story on my iPhone under the covers so the light did not wake Hubby.  So, I stayed awake to watch Greys, Grimm and then Alcatraz before giving into the tiredness.

Granted I had to keep re-winding programmes every time I realised that I had nodded off.  After a power nap of what must have been only 5 minutes I managed to watch all but the first 2 minutes of Alcatraz without having to hit the rewind button.

Then I slept, and I slept all night which peeps is absolutely amazing for me at the moment.  I may have felt more awake when the alarm, otherwise known as Baba fluff, woke me at 4.30 am but it was still almost as hard to drag myself out of bed to come to work.

This week is Cheltenham Races week.  Hubby ALWAYS takes the week off and sits glued to the TV with the little race slips shouting "Come on, Come on, move it" at the TV - I don't know why he bothers - you can guarantee if he bet on it that horse ain't winning. 

There is some male excuse in there as to why he has been unable to do any housework because I am not counting keeping the kitchen clean because 1, you should do anyway and 2, he's eaten fast food every day so exactly what was there to keep clean.....

I don't know who I am kidding, there is only a woman able to take time off for say the Olympics and still manage to watch that and clean the house at the same time.

Today is Gold Cup day.....another day of racing but apparently extra special for a reason I can neither fathom or find the energy to care about.  Suffice to say, Hubby goes to the pub with my brother-in-law C, technically he is an ex brother-in-law but I always thought of him as a brother and always will; he is awesome and could be Hubby's twin in both personality and looks.  Gold cup day is expensive, they spend more on betting let alone the food and above all else beer.

Hubby asked me this morning if I want to meet them at the pub.  I could meet 
a, whom C left my sister for - that sounds awful but to be honest he left her for more than A, A was a symptom not the cause.  I have never met her before, having blamed both of them for nearly 2 years for my sisters unhappiness.  However, it is not in me to hate, I missed C and I began to see that my sisters unhappiness is her own undoing and when she realises she causes her own unhappiness she may start to turn a corner.....  Anyhoo, I would meet M which is probably an idea because I intend on inviting both to my 40th birthday bash. 

The only problem is that I don't know whether I have the energy to bother going.  There is cleaning to do and Hubby is working tomorrow so not there to help me and the lack of cleaning this week, through his race watching and my tiredness, is now beginning to drive me a bit bonkers and the aliens in my head are crying and bashing their heads against the insides of my eyeballs.....

.....Hubby would argue that when I am tired and feeling low (suffice to say the witch, she who must not be named, has been causing all sorts of issues this week and whilst outwardly I refuse to give her the satisfaction of seeing me upset and hiding the latest instalment from Beautiful B because she is very fragile at the minute I am obviously letting it affect me) it is the most important time to go out and spend time with people.  He is right, he made me go and see one of my bestest R last week and it did me the world of good.

I am so very tired though...... I could go out for a couple of drinks and then come home and crash into bed again ready for tomorrow. 

So until the long-term ramifications of major surgery decide to start waning, and I really really didn't expect to get so tired after 3 days of working 13 weeks into recovery from the operation, Thursday will be otherwise known as Tired Thursday and today and every other Friday will be Fatigue Friday....

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