Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Smelling beautiful

People think we are crazy to have 4 dogs.  Well, me being crazy goes without saying and Hubby would basically let me do what I wanted (except tell a secret!! - It's our secret, why not - hmmph) and Beautiful B; well she is used to me after 17 years. 

You all know I love little baba fluffs; they give you undying love and affection, you could melt in their eyes (especially if you keep the one with Puss in Boots eyes), they are always happy and they all have totally different personalities so you ignore the bad things.....

Which include:
  • gnawing the spindles of a new rocking chair
  • chewing a hole in the edging of the new leather sofa chair arm
  • Taking great delight at pretending to be an Andrex puppy and toilet paper the house given any opportunity
  • waking me up at 4am because your bladder is still to small (Hubby's excuse for baba fluff despite the fact that she just turned 1)
  • leaving the kitchen and now living room doors with what appear to be claw marks from the smallest bear ever
  • ripping open any package in case there are sweets in there
  • being untrainable in the art of not barking
  • going out as a twosome or threesome only to be let back in and the other 1 or 2 of you then remembering you need to go out also
  • getting far too excitable on the field and legging it over to the nearest giant dog and lying on your back in submission in the hope it doesn't snap you in half
  • sitting on my stomach in a morning until your eyes have been cleaned so you can get the jelly bean that has now become habit
  • thinking you are the doggy version of a human car wash and must ensure every inch of bare skin is cleaned at every opportunity
This list is not exhaustive.

The joy of having the back garden landscaped with beautiful paving and separated into 2 so that the fluff bags get one half while the other stays clean is that it's much easier to clean than our last concrete monstrosity.  Having 4 dogs makes for a lot of pee so a power washer was purchased and after having to admit defeat and get Hubby to help me put one end of the hose on the outside tap I started to clean the paving. 

I would ask who knew how much fun it would be but if I'm honest I kind of know how much fun it is so I merrily spent an hour in the sunny warm garden with the power washer, lots of water and puddles.  Then I sat in the sun in the somewhat gnawed rocking chair and read in the first real warm sun we have had this year.

So where does smellingly beautiful come in?  Cala fluff cleans everyone; it is her mission in life apparently.  Wagging of the tail and hugs must, apparently, come with lots of sloppy kisses - she obviously thinks it negates the need for a shower as a result.  She won't be told, it is her way of mothering us all.  Pity she cannot clean her own head because at some stage before the power wash she decided to rub her head and neck over some "wet" paving shall we say....and she stunk.

Beautiful B was tasked with giving Cala fluff a bath.  She needs cheering up and sometimes there is nothing better than seeing the sulking of a fluff bag in the bath knowing that the resultant undeniable excitement in Cala fluffs eyes are because she knows that in less than 5 minutes she will be tearing around the house with Lily fluff who waits somewhat noisily and impatiently behind the bathroom door. 

I walked in the house after work yesterday to the normal barrage of barking for Cala fluff to bark longer and louder at me as if she was telling me she had been chucked in the bath and she just KNEW it was my fault.  So I buried my nose in her head and inhaled the scent of a beautiful smelling fluff bag and allowed her the joy of licking my neck to death....

....then I went and had a shower.

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