Friday, 9 March 2012

Too late now

Not that I am one to moan (despite the past few posts) but jeez, I am exhausted!  Day 5 of being back at work and the last time I recall being this tired Beautiful B was 10 months old and screaming through the night and would only allow mama bear to rock her back to sleep despite the fact that she had to work the next day.  That was a valid excuse, I am thinking that having been off work for 12 weeks isn't a valid excuse.

Granted I have had major surgery and granted I need time to recover from that and granted that after week 8 I was going to go back to the gym to pull up my exercise levels and granted funerals and all things related got in the way but still.....this level of exhaustion!  Really?!

I was falling asleep in my lunch break yesterday and was in bed by 7.30 pm and it would have been earlier had I not made prior arrangements to see our good friends K&M.  I slept all night and woke this morning feeling just as tired. 

I mentioned to Hubby that maybe I should have come back to work under part-time medical grounds for a couple of weeks and Hubby said "Well, everyone I have spoken too are shocked that you haven't."  Really?!  Maybe I am not being so silly after all - though if I had done some forward thinking I may have tested the waters with my boss before returning to work.

Now, I know that I am extremely lucky to be working here and that part-time medical grounds is on offer and that so many people are not in as lucky a position so I am not moaning - just doing my normal twittering.

Having said clean gene is going to sleep this weekend along with the rest of me seen as I will be in bed for most of it trying to store up energy levels for the next week of work.  Hopefully, this tiredness will only last another week or so until my brain decides it wants to wake up along with the rest of me and get a move on already....

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