Thursday, 8 March 2012

I'm Back....... the drunken father in Independance Day said to the nasty aliens.....

So, I've been back at work nearly 4 days now and I am still alive and kicking.  Not exactly running at full steam - no-one thought to mention that coming back to work after a 12 week hiatus makes you tired.

My new office is beginning to take shape - I have taken it upon myself to order a white board and a magnetic one at that - oooeeeerrrr; which promptly initiated a call back asking why I wanted a magnetic white board - eeerrrmmm because I do!  It was obviously a man that asked that question because any woman would have worked out that the usage was doubled when magnetic.  After all, not only can I scribble inane rambling thoughts all over it but I can stick things to it with magnetic thingymajigs.  After explaining, the dual usage meant I was not asking for a pin board the caller seemed happy enough.

Oh and Damon's headshot is looking very cute staring at me with those sultry eyes from my notice board all day long.

Now I just need some potted plants.....

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