Saturday, 10 March 2012

Celebrity husbands

You know how some couples have lists, lists of people that they would if they could....

Well, Hubby and I don't have that list.  Its not Hubby's bag for a start and although I have the ability to look at another person and think "oooh, how cute, beautiful, gorgeous...." etc, I wouldn't go there even if I could because, well Hubby is all I want, need and desire.

However, with the ability to think (and say out loud because Hubby is as un-jealous as anyone can get) "ooooh, how gorgeous" has come Hubby's joke that Hugh Jackman is my celebrity husband.

What is amusing is that I am collecting celebrity husbands by the bucket load.....

Hugh Jackman - goes without saying;
then there is Morgan from Criminal Minds - a very fine speciman of a man;
Damon from the Vampire Diaries - who, is fine to look at but for me it is all in the eyes...
....ask Hubby, his best feature of his eyes - I could drown in his eyes.....

Why does Hubby not get jealous?  Well he is very special and I am very lucky, but it is because he has no doubt that even if I could go there, I wouldn't.  I know what I have and I wouldn't risk losing it if someone handed me the world on a platter.

And anyhoo, would I want to actually meet any of my celebrity husbands in real life?  No, because knowing my luck all of them would be complete pratts and that would just ruin the fantasy now wouldn't it!

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