Monday, 2 May 2011

You know when you should never have asked.....

Payday - a day I love but also hate.  I like that I get the money, naturally but then I hate how fast it goes.

Hubby travels a lot with work.  We have an agreement understanding that he pays for the trips upfront and then claims the expenses back from work.  It kinda drives me nuts.  I don't care that his travel arrangements can change at the drop of a hat, he should be more organised!  Or more bossy and insist that the date remains static rather than letting others change their minds (but maybe that is just me).

Anyhoo.... being helpful this morning I rang him at the office and asked what trips were planned this month.  As soon as he started rhyming them off the aliens said "You should never have asked...."

"£30 for each Burnley trip" - well that I can understand because some silly government type person in a suit thought it would be a good idea to put a building in the middle of an industrial estate where buses do not venture.  What I cannot understand is the need to buy the train tickets on the day.

We work for the government.  They have contracts with train company type bods who will let you order tickets days, weeks or even months in advance and charge the government direct so that my bank account can look larger than it is for a wee while longer.

Which takes us back to "well the meeting may get rearranged at the last minute" - yes, well the tickets can be sent back though to the government contracts.

I have given up arguing the point.....I will get pay back this weekend Christmas bauble hunting in York.

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