Sunday, 1 May 2011

New Additions

So I alluded to new family members in Thursdays post.  We have new additions to the family, some only for a short while before they go to other homes that need them.

They are kinda cute aren't they.  Cala fluff had 7 babies four weeks ago.  We'll avoid the whole story of how I said she wouldn't have that many when the breeder of the male said that he'd had 2 litters of 8 before and how worried we were about her because she was the smallest of her litter when she was born and so 7 was probably too much for her body and she ended up having them a week early and before she popped - because, seriously, no kidding, she looked like she had swallowed a bowling ball WHOLE. 

Wait, there are only 5 - well yes, because that is the photograph for advertising - we are keeping a little girl, Abi (she needs a stud collar to emulate the NCIS character she is named after). 
See she is already trying to get out and investigate - in fact, the only problem with picking the one that is the most inquisitive is that you just know that all sorts of things are going to get chewed!  

And then there was 1 left.  Well meet Toby who has already been sold.  Wouldn't it be fun if I could teach him to sit and shake hands before his new owner came to pick him up at the end of May?
Now this, this is what I would do if I won the lottery.  There are very few better feelings than playing with puppies who give you pure love for nothing in return and to be able to pass that feeling onto a new family.  That is the one thing that I could do as a job and be totally content and happy to do forever.  Pity that the way I do it doesn't pay bills because I don't agree with the way some breeders use dogs as puppy making machines for 6 years and then sell them on.
Hubby and Beautiful B are fantastic for humouring me.  Hubby because he gets a kick out of seeing the unadulterated joy on my face for 8 weeks and Beautiful B....well, because she kinda has to. 

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