Monday, 2 May 2011

Note:  This should have been posted in October - I only just found it - kinda proves the point about being dizzy below.  So I've updated it.....

I know it doesn't take much to confuse me, I am a bit dizzy.  I sometimes need to be reminded where I am going if not directly home.  Hubby asked for chewing gum some day in October as I was going to the shop - he asked for the green packet.  In the amount of time it took to get from the car, into the shop, pick up the pepsi max (priorities peeps!!) and get to the counter with the chewing gum my brain had decided I needed a blue packet......

I seriously would have to argue the point though, that one does not need to be scatty to be confused by computers.  If we ignore the pain and suffering I have gone  went through for 4 weeks to try and get a consistent connection (let alone a decent one) using a dongle on the main PC we must still discuss how confusing it is to work out why pages or games can be slow.

I am was a Facebook fiend - I am always on there outside of work.  Well, says I am on but what is actually happening is that I opened up a game (usually a cooking or farming one), set something off to cook or grow and left it running while I do other jobs in the house.  I don't purposely ignore people who want to talk to me on Facebook; I'm just "not sitting still" as Hubby puts it. 

I am was (on account of that plus other games have been deleted since I started going to the gym and realised these games take up WAY too much of my time) obsessed with a game called Cafe World - don't ask me why; it's not the most exciting of games - no snakes to bob on the head for a start.  I may have deveoped an affinity with it as it kept me sane during those long dark hours of studying.  So, when I couldn't play it I got annoyed frustrated.  Hubby had to take over talking to the "techie" (a loose term seen as they still don't know why we are having problems with the dongle after 10 phone calls!!!!) from Sky as I nearly shouted at one point.

So...hubby sent me out to get a netbook. Bless him, ignore the cost because he just wanted me to be happy (could be that he also does not want to give up his laptop that is always on sport pages or poker sites for me to commence cooking or farming). 

I love it, I can blog on it and surf the net.  What I cannot do so fast is cook meals......

So I asked the Facebook community: Do I need a new graphics card, a faster internet connection or something else equally techie.  The answer appears to be that netbooks are designed for surfing the web not for gaming.  I need a faster processor - but according to google you cannot change those in netbooks.

Angel said it was Sky - they are rubbish - a girl after my own heart (especially as they have been little more than useless this last month).

Wait for this now....Hubby suggested I take it back and spend twice the money on getting a laptop as they have faster processors.  How fantastic is he????!!!!

I suggested that before we do that we strip the main computer back to it's essentials and get a wireless card built into it as I am assuming that will be cheaper than buying a laptop.  He asked whether the netbook serves it's purpose if I cannot play all my games on it - well not totally but I get to sit on the couch with him and cuddle while I cook and he plays poker or checks the golf scores instead of sitting in another room - worth every penny.

Update:  I did not go and get a laptop - I stripped the computer back to scratch (nearly - couldn't delete my itunes stuff), it still didn't work, I cried with frustration (because I am sad) and we gave up and moved the home computer next to the router - it's worked fine since......

Guess I should have done that in the first place....bygones.

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