Tuesday, 10 May 2011

All Gone......Nearly

Now, I can't be on long because I am doing that pesky procastinating thing and should really be making work lunches and getting ready for work.  However, quick update......all the puppies are sold.  Why I ever got anxious about them not being sold within a day is beyond me....maybe I just needed something to worry about!  As per.....

Anyhoo, the last two to be sold:  Meet grey collar - now called Joey - Why I ask you was little Joey sold last when he is so adorably cute?  Probably because this photo was only taken on the 4th May - when that when up on the web he was sold within a day.

And now meet: no collar - now Max:  Again, who can resist.  Though I think it had more to do with him playing like a nutter when he was being viewed and then wising up and snuggling up as close to the woman who bought him as he could while Joey continued to run around like a froot loop.

5 are going to their new homes on the 22nd May - each will leave with a little piece of my heart.

Joey stays with us until the 4th of June.  Now you just know that him and Abi are going to tag team us for two weeks, don't ya?

Meet Abi:  Not the best photo but one of the cutest.  Now she barks for attention, ALL THE TIME.......  She is into everything so you just know that I am going to find things chewed.  She is inquisitive so you just know I am going to be following her around for the first few weeks of her life to limit the mischief......but she has the same temprement as her mum so it was a given really wasn't it.

Yes, I will give them a piece of my heart to take away with them.  I'll think of them often and I have more pictures of them than anything else (trying getting Beautiful B to stand still long enough to get lots of pictures - nightmare).  So why do it?  There's a theory.  Being big on reflective thoughts I think I was made for it.  I don't make money in the long term because I refuse to breed my babies every year, nor do I sell them when they get to 8 years old, so it ends up costing us over their lifetimes. But.......

.....seeing the joy on peoples faces, especially the young ones, when they first choose a puppy and then come to take them home makes giving that little piece of my heart away worthwhile.  Knowing they will be loved and will fetch more joy to those who buy the puppy than they gave me for 8 short weeks is the best feeling in the world. 

I'm in the wrong job!  Accounting gives satisfaction.  Knowing that I am helping lay accounts, some very important ones, and that I am learning something new every day gives me a bit of a kick.  But to be able to bring happiness to others every day, or even once a week, would make my life more complete......

So, I'm on a mission, to clear some large bills over the next 5 or 6 years and then given the opportunity I may just switch careers.  Life is too short to not do something that you feel you were made to do.

Beautiful B, however, is one of the lucky few.  She knows, she just knows that she was made to be a nurse.  Moreover, I knew she was made to be a nurse and waited and waited until the day she came to me and told me that was what she wanted to do.  I can see the joy in her eyes when she is caring for others. She is one of the most empathetic people I know and I hope that she gets to reach for and meet her dreams because, I'll tell you something, she will make the lifes of those she nurses back to health, happy and she will care for them with love and empathy - she will give more of herself than a lot of others and for that, her life will feel more complete than ever.

She is my sunshine, my reason for breathing and although I may question some of the decisions I have made on her behalf in the past, some of them have helped shape her into the person she is today and she makes me feel incredibly proud to be called her mum. 

Wow, now that post went somewhere I wasn't expecting......

TTFN peeps.

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