Tuesday, 1 February 2011

My Own Very Own Copy!!

Whoop.  I have my very own copy!  "Of what?" you all shout.  Well the Annual Accounts of course.  Now granted that is not a lot to be excited about but trust me I should feel honoured.  In these days of austerity, only those directly involved in publishing accounts and using them daily get their very own published copy.

So......I guess some might say that is not be a good thing; it means I will come to know them intimately over the next year or two and should expect to know and understand what is in them.  Some of it is a foreign language at the moment which some may be concerned about.

Having got a better idea of what publishing some of the largest accounts in the country takes yesterday afternoon all I could say to my boss was "You don't get paid enough!"  After all she has been doing this almost single handedly!

Luckily, I am already seeing a challenge that I am going to relish and am optimistic at just how much I am going to learn.  I am still a little astounded at how much work is going to be expected from just 2-3 people but then I remind myself that for the last 2-3 years (if not longer) this work has been done by 1-2 people and that quite frankly amazes me!

It is strange to know that there are people working in the same grade, on the same pay grade whose work is at different ends of the spectrum but to see it in action is interesting.  So far, I am realising that whilst the next two years are going to be some of the hardest of my career they will also help define it and give me some excellent building blocks for the rest of it.

Ask me around the beginning to mid July whether I still have the same opinion and you may get some garbled crazed response but so far, so good.

Remind me to tell you about my emotional exit from my last team.  Now as nutty and opinionated as I can be it is rare to see me get that way at work let alone admit to it!

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