Tuesday, 1 February 2011

How Sore......

So peeps - quick update on my fitness resolution.

The weight loss is coming on well.  I don't have the legs I want yet but they are smaller than they were* which is all good. 

Last week I decided to up the fitness and join some exercise classes.  Now, I love Step, love it - I did lots and lots of it a few years ago.  Some women say it bulks their legs up; not me - mine look great** with Step assistance.  No problems there other than not having the co-ordination to turn around lots wandering over the step and back again.

The next day I gave Thighs, Tums and Bums a shot.  Now this is another I love - I would recommend this to anyone - the definition you get in those oooooh so stubborn areas is quite remarkable.  The only problem is the first time you do it it hurts.  It hurts when you are doing it but the next day you get out of bed as usual and your legs say "Whoooo there lady, I DON'T think so!!!!"

That bad enough for ya!  No?  I didn't think so.  Cue the next day when your body doesn't even want to let you turn over to get out of bed because your stomach joins in with your legs.  And don't even think about laughing because your stomach beats you up for doing it.

So you manage to pull yourself out of bed only to not be able to stand up properly.  So you shuffle across the bedroom, hunched over trying to straighten up while your Hubby says "Do you need a zimmer frame honey?"

Oh and the shockwave that runs up your legs through your calves EVERY time you take a step shows you just how much of a shock absorber your muscles usually are and you become thankful for them every single day.

Then you have to cancel the Step class the next day because you have only just managed to walk without groaning and think it might be a bit too much to put your body through.

Fantastic fun though.  Do it again?  You bettcha - your body can't hurt as much next time***

And by 2 days after that your body is fully recovered to go to Zumba and shake (attempt to) shake the booty like a good un!

*  unless I have been on a train or a plane and lets face it the chances of a plane trip are less than that of winning the lottery
** when I am approximately 9 stone not the current weight
*** I say this using previous knowledge and therefore am right!

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