Monday, 31 January 2011

So Far, So Good.....

Today is the big day.  The day I leave the safe cacoon (and excuse) of being a trainee accountant or a newly qualified accountant to a fully fledged accountant with a permanent post to boot.  There is no more excuses of not I step up and hit that oh so steep learning curve and don't stop until I get to the top*.

So far, I have been given all morning to unpack my desk....which took all of 30 minutes.  This afternoon I get the first instalment of an induction, followed by the rest tomorrow morning. new boss has a couple of jobs for me.

So far, it has been easier than this weekend was.  Which, incidently, included but was not restricted to:
  • Zumba at the gym (incredibly amusing and soooo much fun though I have discovered that I cannot jump backwards and shake my booty at the same time); 
  • the beautician; 
  • evening visits to some extremely good friends then the fun ended to be replaced by
  • shopping, 
  • trekking on a 3 hour journey to pick up a stranded brother-in-law, 
  • cooking 2 different soups for 3 hours; 
  • the requisite cooking and cleaning for the family....
  • oh, and pimping the baba fluff** out to hopefully get puppies in 8 weeks.

I am still waiting for the weekend where I can sit and catch up on the 2 planners (one of which is now at 2% and at risk of not recording Morgan in his finest).

Considering that I only just managed an exercise class that involved a form of running for 45 minutes, it could be tricky.
**  It should be noted that baba fluff (otherwsie known as Cala Fluff) is in fact nearly 3 years old and therefore eligable to be pimped out in the hope that I can have 4 beautiful bundles of joy running around the house for 6 weeks.

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