Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Today has been a day of two halves; the first being so busy I forgot time and it rushed by and the other realising time has flown by because I'm dancing around in my chair desperate for a pee and thinking 'I just want to finish this calculation'.  

It's been a day of feeling bone tired yet also a day where work has energised me to get through the day quickly. 

It's been a day of wanting to go back to bed to one of wanting another hour at work to finish the job I had to leave unfinished until tomorrow morning. 

It's been a day of desperately wanting to clean the house but also a day of being too busy to do so. 

It's a day where I want fresh linen on my bed but equally I'm led on it half finished because I'm shattered. 

It's a day of feeling so tired I am packing myself off to bed early while equally wanting to spend quality time with Hubby. 

It's not a day where I promise myself that I'm going to spend quality time with Hubby tomorrow but know it's unlikely because I will make that happen no matter what!  

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