Sunday, 21 February 2016

Orange is the new black

So I didn't have Netflix.  I didn't want Netflix. I didn't want to have to pay more money to watch films and programmes I don't really have the time to watch.  I heard about Orange Is The New Black was brilliant many times.  I still wasn't getting Netflix.

Then I started working on a major procurement at work, delivering 34 contracts in 6 months. I am working away from home more than I am at home.  Freeview is rubbish and the only thing most hotels offer as daily viewing. 

I figured I get a month free with Netflix.  I did a advantage / disadvantage list in my head and figured I could watch Orange Is The New Black on my tablet in a month sat in a hotel room most of the time.

I watched 2 episodes and I was hooked.  I laughed at the prisoners antics, I sat in shock at some of them.  I loved every minute of every episode.  I watched episodes regularly until 2 - 3 am in the morning every night. 

I even managed to go over my data allowance last month because I was insistent I wanted to watch it in a hotel without great reception so used my phone as a mini hot spot - don't do that, it eats the data allowance like you would not believe!

I quickly whizzed through series 1 and 2.  I loved series 3.  I was ready to watch series 4 and there isn't one.  I was gutted.  I am hoping they do more episodes.

So I had to watch something else.  I'm half way through Making A Murderer.  I'm guessing some people are seeing a theme....

Anyhoo, get Netflix for a month free of charge and watch Orange is the New Black - you will love it!


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