Tuesday, 23 February 2016

It's becoming a habit

Says she who is not being forced to work from home late into the night and weekends.  Though to be fair I have only done a hour or so this weekend but it has put me on the back foot for tomorrow. 

Why am I on the back foot? Well, because I still need to finish a revised Pricing Proposal excel spreadsheet off ready for QA and 2 bridging tools, the latter of which, for those uninitiated of you, is a tool that drops a load of data from a load of spreadsheets into one spreadsheet and populates a ton of tables and graphs that said spreadsheet already holds as blank templates.  Which, of course, saves a ton of time than collating it all inidividually but I still don't have time for the fiddliness of repeatedly telling it 9 times which spreadsheets I want it to drop into the file and then rename all the columns and then do that twice.....breathe.

And I would be at that all day, without the 2-3 hour planning session I have tomorrow for the next 3 cohorts of bids (32 contracts in total over the next 4 months....because we don't do anything simply).

So on a train tomorrow at 6am I will start my first bridging tool and then I can get those over to my boss so he can be analysing them while I hold the planning meeting, then I will update the Pricing Proposal and then have everyone urgently QA it....wait, that means I will be updating that on the train too....so I can finalise the document and get it out to the bidders.

Can you see me drawing up the project plan late into tomorrow night?  Yes, me too.  Oh well, it keeps me out of mischief.

Have a great week everyone.


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