Tuesday, 7 October 2014

What I learned this week

Another week of not completing all the jobs on my to do list.  Granted I keep adding things to it; 2 for every one I complete so I guess I don't help myself.

Today I am on leave doing all the jobs I need to as it is my anniversary tomorrow and I intend on spending it with Hubby and not completing one job on my list.

So on to this weeks lessons:

  • When my best friend Rachel disappears on a sunny holiday with her mum to the same Moroccan hotel complex that I spent my honeymoon in I can pine to be sharing the experience with her and her mum;
  • I giggle a lot when I receive a text from Rachel telling me that she enjoyed 99% of the spa as much as me despite the unexpected bonus...;
  • I am astounded that Rachel can read 15 books in a week whilst on said sunning holiday and again I would so love to be able to do that on a sunlounger with nothing to do but relax;
  • When the weather turns colder I realise how spoilt I was during the unusually warm summer and attach myself to the trusty hot water bottle;
  • The post man is possibly very grateful that Beautiful B moved out and took Fredster with him as his bark was most definitely worse than his bite;
  • When Fredster comes to visit the girlie fluffs go mad and kiss him; even Lily who is very selective with her kisses;
  • A visit from Beautiful B and Ry can be hilarious when she relays just how much she has turned into me now she is in her own house - everything has it's place, everything has to be clean and tidy.  Oh I made a little mini me!!
  • I think I am potentially going to have to mourn the death of the fireplace in the front room.  It appears to be struggling keep itself alive and lit.  That is Hubby doing more overtime to pay for a fire.
  • Drinking water as a replacement for Pepsi Max takes some getting used to;
  • As does the need to go to the bathroom much more often which begs the questions where did all the Pepsi Max go when I drank 6 cans of it a day;
  • Hubby and I are off to our favourite restaurant tonight, the one that held our wedding reception, so food and vodka are on the menu....salad it is for the rest of the week and more than worth it;
  • So far (fingers crossed and touching wood) I am not missing chocolate despite not eating it for 10 days; and
  • I forgot just how gorgeous a home made smoothie is!
So what have you learned this week?

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