Tuesday, 30 September 2014

What I learned this week

It has been a while since I posted a WILTW.  Time has run away with me again.  As if I am not busy enough as it is I am now inheriting the duty of going to Beautiful B's house to feed her new labrador puppy and let him and the Fredster have a run around.  Watching him try to reach Fredster on the chair is hilarious.  He isn't quite big enough yet so Fredster can get some peace.  Give it two weeks and Fredster will have nowhere to hide.

This weeks lessons:
  • When booking a hotel room on the contractors website make sure that breakfast is included in the price.
  • Find a way of moving the team meeting and requirement for an overnight stay to just after payday because the spa calls me very loudly when in a particular hotel.
  • Find a way of making sure that Charlie doesn't realise he is to go back in his crate before he is in it - otherwise I will again be running down the stairs after him as he returns to the living room in protest.
  • It feels good to do a little cleaning at Beautiful B's house while there to help her and Ryan a little so they don't have so much to do after a 12 hour shift.
  • If I cut my portions in half Hubby will just increase his portion size to compensate rather than allow some of it to be stored for another day - I may lose weight but Hubby's may well increase in proportion to my loss.
  • Switching from Pepsi Max to flavoured water or cordial feels like less of an ordeal if I put the water in a bottle instead of a glass (Yes, I know I am a freak).
  • When trimming the bushes in the garden with Hubby it is an idea to watch what he is doing on the other side of the bush because you may find that he is hacking it back ready for winter already.
  • Trying to convince Hubby that flowers and bushes are not weeds is a waste of breath.
  • Not everyone goes cuckoo on Tramadol like I do - as evidenced by my mum.
  • Having a laptop can be so annoying because every time you start it up after it being shut down all the icons have moved - I assume there is a way to stop this but I have no idea what it is.
  • It isn't even October and I am already excited about Christmas.
  • As much as I love my entire house looking like Santa's grotto I am willing to give some of my Christmas decorations to Beautiful B for her new house.  
  • The new series 'The Strain' seems amazingly good already.  That may be because I am reading the books at the moment and they are brilliant.
  • Making the sock giraffe I received from Rachel and her hubby for my birthday is going to be more difficult than I imagined.  It may teach me to sew however without the need of aida and a cross-stitch pattern.
So what have you learned this week?

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