Monday, 20 October 2014

Things I would ask......

.....the person who decides what should be sold in the Supermarket I use

1.     Whose bright idea was it to only sell large tubs of coleslaw?
2.     Why do you sell only one type of plum?  Oh, and by the way Victoria plums have so much more flavour.
3.     Can you increase the price of dark chocolate digestives because my Hubby is growing by the packet?
4.     Don't worry, some of us know why the beer, wine, spirits, chocolate, crisps and carbonated drinks are the first things you want us to consider buying after the fruit and vegetables.
5.     It doesn't really make a lot of sense to put the dog food aisle right in the middle of household goods.
6.    Why are razor blades so expensive?  Furthermore, please would you reduce the price of women's shaving gel because we have larger areas to shave daily than me?
7.     Have you banned or do you not like cakes in your house because I cannot find icing sugar anywhere in your store?
8.     If you insist on removing salt from your brand of meals please find some spices to use because they really need more flavour.
9.     Cola flavoured donuts are just wrong.
10.   I am trying to stop drinking Pepsi Max. I know this is very selfish of me but would you remove them from your store so I can avoid temptation.
11.   Please consider giving away free wine with an alcohol content of more than 13% because Hubby loves it.
12.   Would you start to make BBQ deep pan pizza without peppers because my Hubby is very fussy?  Better yet, make it with absolutely no calories in so it makes up for those in the chocolate digestives.
13.   Beetroot with juniper - gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
14.   Why do your fresh ingredients never last as long as other supermarkets?
15.   Additional larger spaces for older people who struggle to get out of a car but are not blessed with a disabled badge would be fantastic! (and may save the potential for a paint job on my passenger door.
16.  One of your staff members on the till is so very friendly - any chance of cloning her to put on all of your tills? 
17.   Your store large cookies are amazing as are your ginger characters - any chance of 0% calories in them?
18.   Reaching the top shelf of the fruit and vegetable shelves for little people is a bit more than difficult - just saying.
19.   I am a little obsessed with cleaning products.  You have some of those new scented ball things that go in the wash to keep your clothes smelling fresh for weeks on end.  Can you be a darling and reduce the price of them please because I will need a loan to buy however many of those bottles I would need a month.
20.   And finally, thank you for the no quibble refund for my trousers when I ripped them on one of your displays. 

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