Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What I learned this week

A busy week again but we all know by now that isn't unusual.

Beautiful B and I disappeared to the cinema this week for some girlie time and a horror.  It was so lovely to sit with her and catch up on her week.  That has been the theme this week as travelling resulted in me catching up with Hubby too. 

  • It can be really annoying when waiting for a prescription to be filled a mum walks in with 3 kids that she does not know how to control.
  • It is astounding to me to see a father allow his child to pick things up in the pharmacy to examine them and to use the walking sticks for sale to slam them onto the floor.  Let alone seeing the father only try to control the child once the said walking stick almost knocked a display over while the child swung it around.
  • Sometimes it is heartening to be able to sit there and think that being rather strict with Beautiful B as she grew up has paid off.
  • Seeing Beautiful B go and care for other patients while in hospital visiting our uncle even though she wasn't on shift.
  • Herbal based products to help ailments are REALLY expensive.
  • It is silly week in Blackpool and I know that because I could hardly move in town for visitors to Blackpool wandering aimlessing around.
  • I am still confused as to why holiday makers have a tendancy to forget what a pavement (sidewalk) is and walk in the road.
  • Though he is not my son-in-law I felt really proud when Beautiful B's boyfriend helped to deliver a baby this week while working on the emergency telephone number.
  • Seeing Beautiful B worrying about the older loved ones in our family as she suddenly realises just how old they are getting after my Uncle broke his hip is very sad. Knowing just how she felt as I comforted her because I had done exactly the same thing when I had the same realisation after my dad had his second stroke. 
  • My youngest dog, Abi, has overtaken her grandma in the 'always hungry' stakes as she sits underneath the kitchen counter where her food is stored each time the kitchen door is opened.
  • Re-potting the only plant I have managed to keep alive for more than 12 months will result in it doubling in size in less than 2 months. 
  • If said plant gets much bigger I will start to form ideas on how I can decorate it for Christmas.
  • I have less than 3 hours before Hubby comes home and expects me to be organised and fully packed and I haven't done anything yet.

So what have you learned this week.

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