Sunday, 19 October 2014

Out in the world again

I am working away in 3 different cities that span the country this week and in typical fashion my preperation is running late.  Clothes are still being washed, packing isn't done, paperwork not completed or printed.  I still have a presentation to write so I know what I will be doing in the hotel room tonight before I sleep.  Rather than worry about the procastination maybe I should be energised by it instead and just organise myself better to get things completed.
This week has been a busy one; my Uncle has fallen and broken his hip so in hospital waiting patiently for an operation to pin his hip on Tuesday.  As Beautiful B works on the male orthopaedic ward she is one of the nurse looking after him and that will help him feel more comfortable; mind you the morphine appears to be doing that too.  Apparently all the nurses have been telling him how they will miss Beautiful B when she leaves to start her new job next week which is just lovely to hear.
And so to join in with last week this coming week will be very busy with a train journey to Sheffield tomorrow to work a day there; catching another train tomorrow night to go to Birmingham where I will work a day there and on Tuesday night catch another train to London to work a day there.  The final train will be my favourite as that is the one that will bring me home to Hubby and hopefully a visit from Beautiful B over the coming days.
There are 3 presentations to give this week and so further chances to improve my skills in that area.  Where possible I don't do the standing thing if I have a relatively small number of people in the group as I find that sitting with them while presenting provides a more friendly atmosphere for questions.  That has involved my groups running late as there have been so many more questions than I expected for a subject such as the one I discuss.
My only worry this week is that I am trying desperately to eat healthier and that is difficult when I am travelling and staying in unfamiliar hotels and surrounding areas.  I may just be a total pain in the butt and ask the hotel kitchens to make me something different than that which is on the menu to make sure I can at least be assured that unhealthy fats haven't gone into the dish.
Aren't they just going to love me?


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