Thursday, 9 October 2014

There is a reason I rarely watch the news

Well, there is more than one reason and yes the primary would be that it is just war and misery. Yes, I know it is important and we should all be interested in it but it is worrying to watch so much hurt and pain on the news on a daily basis.  

Overhearing on the news that without a bigger influx of troops some fear that one of the towns currently being protected from ISIL will fall is just awful.  And I can't help but think of the soldiers etc that go to these areas to protect us all and of course how much worry it must cause for their families.

Discussions on politics have started again as we are approaching an election and frankly I think they are all as bad as one another so I don't like listening to them tell us how they will improve the economy.  Basically I don't trust anything they say.

And then they have a nice story to follow all the bad which normally is great except before I could turn off the TV they told me who had won the Great British Bake Off last night.  So tonight I will watch it on the planner with Hubby and try and remove the name of the winner for the hour that I watch it.

Normally when Hubby is home he only watches sport on the TV and listening to Sky News repeat itself every 20 minutes or so gets tiring.  Last night he stayed at my brothers hence I put the news on this morning and I began to think that sport was the better of two evils.

Hubby all is forgiven; lets listen to sports results.....

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