Monday, 29 September 2014

I did write a post called 'Where does the ability to sleep go?'

I did and I saved it to upload to the blog and then wrote another in preparation for another date and saved over the first blog entry - numpty . com

I wrote it at about 3.30am on a Tuesday morning in a hotel room after giving up trying to get a good nights sleep.  I slept a total of 90 minutes that night last week and amazingly coped extremely well until about 8pm the following night. In fact, I got quite a lot of work completed between 4am and 7am that morning.  If I was a little crazier I might consider that to be a great thing to do as it would appear that I am a VERY early morning person.

I travelled home that night and the train rocked me to sleep so I came home, kissed Hubby, attempted and gave up trying to calm the dogs down and took myself to bed where I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. Hubby says I slept well, evidenced by the snorning.

Wednesday was a none starter as I resembled a zombie walking aimlessly around the house and then attempting to get a decent days work completed.  I gave up at lunch time and took the afternoon off and slept for two hours while the sun shone outside.  I very energetically sat and caugtht up on some TV before getting tired again and cursed the hubby who needed my taxi service at 11pm because he refuses to learn to drive. 

Thursday I was still recovering so maybe that is what people mean when the say it all goes downhill after 40.  My head feels about 20 but my body sometimes acts like an 80 year old.

So there is a lesson learned this week.

This week I am in Sheffield again but I am going to travel there and back in a day because it is a bit pointless staying overnight if I am not going to sleep properly. Hubby thinks I am mental because it is a very long day, leaving home just after 5am and getting home at 9.30pm but at least I can snore happily in my own bed.

The hotel I stayed in was beautiful and being the end of the month I couldn't afford to spoil myself in the spa.  However, the hotel details are stored in my head for when I have to stay overnight and I will make sure that it is just after pay day......mmmm Indian Head Massage.......


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