Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What I learned this week

Firstly work gets in the way of blogging!

It has been another busy week of meeting myself coming backwards and one of those where you feel like you haven't really achieved anything - do you know what I mean?

I spent the weekend house and dog sitting for my brother and his fiance and as Mutley, their 16 week old chocolate lab was determined to get into all sorts of mischief I had to have eyes in the back of my head so I didn't get the accounts finished.  So that is this weeks job but after that they are done because the football club is closing down - it says a lot when I am not sorry to say 'YAY' to that news.

Do his eyes make him look a bit mad to you......?
It was fun to roll around the floor playing with Mutley though. He already has more strength than is to be believed - he is going to be a huge dog!

Anyway - lessons this week:

  • Standing on an uneven surface at the refuse tip results in this:
Why do bad scrapes always sting more than a straight forward cut?

  • Which looks like this the following day (excuse the flab):
Rocking some bingo wings there Ribena!
  • So what is the lesson you say?  Don't fall in an area where your arm is going to go down this TINY gap scraping itself along these broken tiles, that shouldn't be there.
Really?  What is that stuff on the left centre of the photo just before the post?! OMG!
  •  Mostly importantly; I am so lucky to have gotten away with only that injury and a stiff shoulder and
  • when the injury isn't bad enough for the Accident and Emergency Department and the medical walk-in centres are rammed the best place to go to so that you can get cleaned up is your mums
So what other random lessons are there this week?

  • Hubby is becoming far too used to me playing taxi to get him to and from work;
  • I am too soft especially as said taxi service adds over an hour to my working day;
  • SIMS 4 is addictive;
  • Oh yes, SIMS 4 addiction means I haven't really grown up;
  • There is approximately 99% less dog hair in the house now that the Fredster has moved out to look after his mummy, Beautiful B;
  • I have more 'proper' conversations with Beautiful B now that she has moved out and misses me;
  • I really enjoy not having to moan at Beautiful B for not completing her chores;
  • I still haven't transformed her bedroom into my office but the sofa bed has arrived and it is scrummy;
  • My hair apparently suits me more if it is curled - if only I knew how to do that myself instead of relying on a hairdresser;
  • and I knew this already but being so busy means I miss catching up with my best friends!

So what did you guys learn this week?
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