Tuesday, 5 August 2014

What I learned this week

It's been a funny old week; a mixture of trying to work fast enough to catch a couple of hours relaxing in the sunny, boiling back garden before the end of the day.  To be able to not work and relax like that would be bliss...until I got bored.  

This week was also the week that I travelled to Sheffield with work for the first time in two months and the first chance I have had to pick up my specialist pillow from the hotel that I left it at in May.  Also my first experience of sitting on a non-airconditioned train when it is 30 degrees centrigrade...

  • It's possible that one train company have had someone faint from heat exhaustion as they were giving away free bottles of water on the way back from Sheffield.  That or they are avoiding a claim;
  • House-keeping at a hotel may well ignore receptions request to dig out a specialist pillow and fetch to reception;
  • Waiting for the specialist pillow to be located may feel like standing in a sauna when in a hotel with floor to ceiling windows at reception on a day when it is 30 degrees centigrade...and I was so grateful I wasn't working there as a receptionist;
  • The Mecure Hotel in Sheffield is gorgeous and has separate showers instead of having a shower over the bath and it is heaven;
  • Sitting in a restaurant having dinner for one because you are away from work isn't so bad after all especially when the pizza you are eating is scrumptious;
  • I hate Blackpool Council right now for only collecting refuse fortnightly.  It's such a 'stinky' idea when it is so hot every day;
  • Despite being covered in hair my dogs will still enjoy sunbathing in 30 degrees centigrade; 
  • After being a life-long 'I like my Pepsi Max at room temperature' I will enjoy ice cold Pepsi Max for a whole week when it is so hot.  There is nothing like sticking to your ground;
  • As long as I stand over Hubby when he is taking meat from the freezer for a BBQ it is possible for him to cook a BBQ without using an excessive amount of meat;
  • When my daughter says she and Ry are out for the day taking a mooch around Ikea, only 2 weeks from moving into their own home, I know they are going to come home having spent at least £200;
  • Why Beautiful B thought she could take out strangely but amazingly flat packed lamps and shades out of a box to show me and me understand the full effect of them I have no idea;
  • Watching Beautiful try to hold a conversation with me while trying to fit all the lamp and shade parts back in the box again was hilarious;
  • Needing some new bedside cabinets myself I am curious to how Beautiful B's will look as she managed to get some from Ikea for £35 each!
  • Writing a post about how I love lists may well result in me googling 'To do lists for cleaning' and spending half a day looking at different options before printing household organisation sheets off that some kind American woman has posted on her blog;
  • Pinterest is great for finding things to help you organise your home;
  • I have to try and stay away from Pinterest as the world goes into some time of timewarp where 30 minutes turns into 3 hours;
  • I am too busy today to set up my new household organisation book;
  • Hubby is going to think I have gone mental when he sees the said organisation book for the first time but that is because he doesn't realise that I am slowly going to train him to think he has decided to help more now that Beautiful B is moving out and leaving all her chores behind;
  • Now there is an idea - trying to convince Beautiful B that she thinks it is a good idea to come home and help her old mum keep her house clean....;
  • Finding Beautiful B's first grey hair will result in complete hilarity for Ry and I as she realises that she is taking after my mum's side of the family and suffering from premature hair aging. 
In a bid to be honest, as I am so disorganised usually this post is written in advance so Rachel, yes you may get confused as you know some of this happened a week ago and you are not in a time warp...
 So what did you guys learn this week?
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So what did you guys learn this week?

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