Tuesday, 5 August 2014

What I learned this week

A whole week without posts because work went mental and then a busy weekend catching up with Hubby's brother and the rest of the family. My bad. 

This week a wide scope on lessons learned

* Two days of rich eating isn't so good on the stomach when it isn't used to it or so Hubby tells me

* I need to be more forceful in my learning requirements in a new job even if work colleagues are very busy

* I need to learn to concentrate on the lessons learned from a bad work experience instead of beating myself up because I don't know the job as well as I THINK I should

* When trying to determine how long it will take me to write a report I should triple it and then double it

* A fancy dress party for my friends 40th causes me all sorts of anxiety

* A lesson learned before the event: when deciding how much vodka I need to get through a best friends fancy dress for her 40th birthday I should double the volume I think I may need

* Attending a friends 40th birthday weekend is very very expensive and I can be even more grateful for the small performance pay bonus because it pays for said birthday weekend

* A days work trip can turn into an overnight stay so I should always pack a phone charger otherwise it will cost me £20 for a new one

* Before leaving the house I should make sure that I have my work mobile; though not having it makes for a train jounrney where I can concentrate on spreadsheet calculations

* Milky Bar Crushems don't always taste as scrumptious as I remember them being

* Ordering what was an expensive in room movie at a hotel can be an even worse idea when first thought when I realise I have already seen it. 

* And on that note; my memory is obviously shot. 

So what did you guys learn this week?
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1 comment:

  1. You've learned a lot this week! I especially remember the bit about candy bars not being quite as good when you strip away all of the nostalgia...

    What I learned this week:

    1. Babies will eat anything. Literally anything.
    2. Sunscreen only works when you put it on your skin, and not just carry it with you everywhere in your bag.
    3. Milkshakes are always a better value than ice cream scoops. It takes twice as much ice cream to make the same amount of milkshake, and they cost just as much.
    4. My earlobes are abnormally shaped, therefore any attempt to put in earbuds is futile.
    5. You CAN have too many blackberries.