Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lists, Lists, beautiful lists

As I am very forgetful I make lists, lists on my iPhone, lists on Outlook, and I bought a really useful mouse mat thingy that you write to do lists on for 5 days a week and then rip off a page at the end of the week and start again.  At least this way I have a chance of remembering what I need to do, though don't tell anyone but I am very good at forgetting to look at my iPhone to do list.  So maybe, I should write down every time I walk into something and where I banged my body and then when I next get a bruise and Hubby pokes it and says 'How did that happen?' I can refer to my trusty brain dump and tell him?

Talking of really useful mousepad thingy - in finding the link for you guys I came across these handy pads that I would find more than handy......

Passive-Aggressive note-pad  - you would never have to verbally tell your kids/colleagues/minions off again.

Make a decision pad - Useful for Hubby and I when deciding what to have for dinner.

Self-therapy pad - cannot afford a real therapist?  Well all your problems are solved!

What I ate pad - personally, I would need a bigger pad, something along the size of A1.

Crap Pad - A to do list but for crap, or things you think are crap.

Shit List Pad - Someone offended you, note what they did and plan your revenge. Probably not the best thing to have if you are a mafia boss.

And here come some of my favourites.....
Nag Note - absolve yourself of all responsiblity for nagging to your husband in person.

Apology Note - For those that have been nagged at and have difficulty apologising verbally

How to make me happy - so you nag to your other half, they apologise and you tell them what to do to make you happy and be forgiven.  Brilliant!

Do your chores - one for the kids

Okay, honestly I could do this forever; I am in heaven right now.

I just need a cleaning list pad then I would die happy.  I think I might write to Knock Knock and suggest one.....


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