Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What I learned this week

Hrumpf - today I received 3 letters in the post and they annoyed the hell out of me.  It would be a horrible start to the day if it wasn't for such glorious sunshine outside.  Not that I can sit in it mind, because I am working but still it warms my heart.

  • Apparently, when you get a pet policy that covers your dog for life or up to £12,000 you may need to pay the excess at the beginning of each year.  It was somewhere in the fine print apparently....
  • Despite promising to remove the old suite, that the sofa insurance company have finally agreed to replace after 18 months, a letter will still arrive confirming the order of the replacement suite but remind you that they will not infact remove the old suite.
  • It may be a very good idea that I have somebody that works in a solicitors, in fact, two of them one of which is a bona fide solicitor, as I may be using them soon.
  • Ringing the company that managed to blow some of the rendering on the front of my house while completing cavity wall insulation for the millionth time to complain about not only the mess but the fact that even their head office cannot be bothered responding to a complaint results in me being given a complaint line to call that has been set up - something tells me that they are receiving a lot of complaints - cue the family solicitor again.
  • Receiving a text from the pet insurance company asking me if I liked their service and would recommend them again made me laugh out loud because I disagree even if the error was mine for not reading the small print.  Purely on principle if you buy a lifetime policy and claim for the same illness another excess should not, in my opinion, apply!
  • If you do not power wash the block paving in the front garden all winter it may take nearly 2 hours to do it come the summer.  
  • Even getting covered in gunk I find power washing very theraputic and my heart sings when I walk up a beautifully clean path day after day.
  • Having plants outside the office window makes me want to take a huge pair of secateurs and tidy them up, especially on a beautiful day.
  • In fact, I won't feel like working at all when I know it is already nearly 30 degrees outside and its not even midday.  And I may try and find a way of saving all required documents on the desktop and take the laptop outside.  Or I would if I didn't need access to my email during the day.
  • When Hubby told me he had a doctors appointment at 4.15 today, a tiny part of me thought it it would eat into my sunbathing time between 4 and 6pm (after which the sun moves behind the house) and therefore I might decide to take a longer lunch in the sun and return to work after 6pm.
  • Working after 6pm has come to be a somewhat regular thing since this mini heatwave started and seen as Hubby has told me that it is set to continue for a couple of weeks it continuing.
  • Opening a sweet and the wrapper not coming off in one piece gets on one of my nerves especially if a tiny bit of the wrapper stays stuck to the sweet.
  • I will discover that one of the girlie fluffs in led on one of the dining room (office) chairs when I open a sweet wrapper.
 So what did you guys learn this week?
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So what did you guys learn this week?

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