Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What I learned this week

Well, another week has rushed by and my first back at work.  It is such a good job that I have 60 hours in credit because it was just too sunny to work past 4pm every night has week.  Hubby told me I would get burnt in the sun; something to do with falling asleep on the sun lounger....

So along with learning that I still insist, at 41, that I do not burn easily in the sun and that I may be wrong about that what else did I learn?

  • Your face is likely to get sunburnt before your arms, or at least mine does if you sit in the sun.
  • My arms are a lovely brown so those early work finishes relaxing and falling asleep reading a book in the garden were worth it.
  • I get distracted even quicker when I return to work after 2 weeks on sick leave.
  • If the weather indicates that the heavens will open at about 4pm believe it; do not assume that the weather woman is wrong because it is still sunny at 3pm.
  • If  I make a suggestion to bring the garden table into the large back room in case of rain I should actually do it!
  • Despite you telling him that he BBQs enough meat to feed the street Hubby may continue to ignore you and you will eat meat for 2 full days after the BBQ.
  • Picking up the baby dog to give her a quick cuddle during my working day is not a great idea - because it will become a habit and a crying dog is not so good in the middle of a conference call.
  • Listening to Beautiful B open up all the things I bought her for her new home warmed my heart; she sounded so young and excited; just like I did at her age.  Well, technically younger than her because I was pregnant with Beautiful B at her age.
  • By the time you read this I will have been to visit the house they will be renting with her boyfriend in 6 weeks.  I hope it is everything she wants right now and that I do not walk around it and think that my Beautiful B deserves better.
  • Beautiful B's boyfriend told me on Sunday that he is looking forward to taking Lily dog as well as Fredster when he and Beautiful B move in together.  It is lovely to see him so affectionate with Lily who is little Miss Independant Top Dog.
  • If I am going to tell Hubby that I have been doing some accounts when I collect him from work then I should at least move the folders around.....or not put them back where they were.  In other words, leave the dining room table my desk untidy which may just get on my last nerve as I sit in the sitting room itching to tidy it.
  • I think Hubby is blind to dog hair on the carpets.
So what did you learn this week?

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  1. I think all men are blind to dog hair on carpets... ;)

    Thanks for the delightful read! I myself have been trying to improve my blog, so reading others' blogs is incredibly helpful!

    I am at www.pinksparklynotebook.com, if you would like to give me some pointers. You have a great blog! It is very well put-together!

    1. Thanks Avery, I am glad it is not just my Hubby. An experiment consisting of me leaving the carpets to see how long it took Hubby or Beautiful B to hoover up resulted in my hair on the carpets as I was soon pulling my hair out!

      As for the blog, lovely of you to say so. I read a few blogs so I just took some parts that I like from others and put them together. As for the writing; that is just me unloading my crazy on a page.....