Monday, 14 July 2014

Another round of the weirdest and interesting facts....

It is that time again folks primarily because the weekend has been pretty uneventful they are just plain weird or interesting.

  • The skin is the largest organ in the human body, covering about twenty square feet in an adult male.  it also constantly regenerates; a person sheds around forty pouds of skin in his lifetime 
    • Great, so I actually put on more weight than I already think I do....
  • One pound of peanut butter can contain up to 150 bug fragments and 5 rodent hairs
    • Another great reason not to like the stuff
    • Rachel; I hope you didn't like this stuff because if you did; now you don't
  • In the Satere-Mawe tribe in South America, a boy being initiated into manhood is forced to wear gloves woven with hundreds of bullet ants, whose sting is considered the most painful of any insect.  The ants sting the boy until he passes out from pain, if he can be revived, he is considered to be a true man
    • At least the pain of his future wife crushing his hand while she gives birth will be nothing compared that
  • You should never carry concealed weapons longer than six feet in the state of Kentucky as the offence is punishable by law
    • Impossible for me to conceal the whole weapon as I am only 5 ft 2 inches.
  • Cruel treatment of slaves was forbid in ancient Babylon by the Code of Hammurabi, but the code also commanded the slaves to be branded on the forehead and forbidden to hide their mark
    • Clearly equality was unheard of in ancient Babylon
  • Ancient Romans used human urine as an ingredient in their toothpaste
    • Makes you wonder if that is why mint flavoured toothpaste was invented....
  • Exploding head syndrome is a rare phenomenon in which a person approaching deep sleep experience a loud bang in his head that sounds like a bomb exploding or a similarly loud noise.  Though the event seems to originate from inside the head, it is an illusion and does no physical damage to the victim
    • This fact is stating the obvious in the last sentance
  • Electric eel cells can generate and release pulses of more than 500 volts.  
  • Ancient custom in Fiji dictated that when a man died, his wives, slaves, and friends should be strangled.
    • It is a wonder that population remained in Fiji then; I'd have thought that no man had friends let alone a wife.
  • In 1908, an explosion 1,000 stronge than the bombing of Hiroshima occurred near the Tunguska River in Russia most likely caused by a meteor or comet fragment that burst prior to hitting Earth.  The blast leveled 80 million trees in seconds.
  • It is illegal for unmarried women to parachute in Florida on Sundays; violators can be arrested.
  • The acid in your stomach is so powerful that it can dissolve a razor blade in less than a week
    • No wonder my throat feels like it is being sandpapered from the inside out when I have heartburn!
  • In 2005, two former gorilla caretakers requested of $1m worth of damages in a wrongful termination and sexual discrimination suit against the Gorilla Foundation in Woodside, California.  The suit claimed the two women were pressured to comply with famed gorilla koko's alleged sign-language requst that they display their breasts.  When they refused, the two were fired.
    • Speechless; just speechless.
  • Among some North American Indian Groups, a husband has the right to bite or cut off the nose of an adulterous wife.
I don't know about you but the weird and wonderful facts are so much more interesting than the others.

Happy Monday everyone!


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