Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Out of Sorts

Today is one of those days where I had work to do and was merrily doing it ready to finish work at 2pm, an early finish for me, and nip to town to pick up my wedding ring which is having the inscriptions put back inside the band (long...ish story).  That is, until I had to report a water leak in one of my pipes.

Luckily, the leaking pipes appears to be one that feeds the shower so to avoid stopping the entire household from washing because 1. Eeeew and 2. None of us take baths (in my humble opinion, and yes I know it is stupid, I feel like I am wallowing in my own dirt), I have wrapped some putty like stuff around the leak provided by Dad (thanks Dad, working but not so well) and surrounded that by a load of beach towels.  That are now wet.....

I can, and am, thanking small mercies that it is an intermittent leak and I can control it (unless Beautiful B and her boyfriend both shower, and no not together! because they take ages).  However, now I am waiting for a call from the plumber to tell me what time he will be here - apparently within the next 24 hours so again a good job it isn't gushing all over the bathroom.  Except he hasn't rang and so I am inside because he may ring while I am driving or wandering around town seeking my ring much as Gollum does in Lord of the Rings.

On top of that, the sun is shining outside and I am not completing work that I can do without an internet connection so cannot sit in garden.  The girlie fluff bags keep intermittently running into the dining room office and crying at me to tell me it must be nearly tea time.  Earlier today, in protest of being shut out of the dining room office because I was on a conference call, I was subjected to a barrage of high pitched barking at the door.  Apparently for no reason other than to run around my legs barking when I opened the door to see what was wrong.  

Why they protested I have no idea; the patio doors were open so they could sunbathe.  No, that is not a joke...they really do sunbathe.  They may have been protesting at not being able to rip the post as soon as the postman shoved it through the letterbox - clearly he was giving me a day off from delivering bills.

So back to the feeling; am I bored?  Restless?  Anxious? Overwhelmed? and more to add to the list....

Bored?  Possibly, even though I have a to do list which has more ticked off than normal for a change.

Restless?  Probably, because I actually want to be in town putting my wedding ring back where it belongs (and no, Hubby did not notice it was missing - AGAIN!)

Anxious?  Not really, I do feel a little bit but cannot put my finger on anything that could be causing it.  So that means it is the idea of Beautiful B leaving home.

Overwhelmed? Always rofl.

As an update: Beautiful B, Ry and I did not get to see the house they will be renting on Monday evening as the current tenant was not available - and so the fun starts getting her to move out at the end of her 4 week notice.....

Beautiful B was fuming, especially as she had already spent the weekend with 'ants in her pants' and randomly repeating that she wanted to see the house NOW.  She has the shortest patience threshold I know. Luckily, she was out with Ry when she got the news that they could not see the house on Monday evening so I didn't have to listen to her rant and rave other than in 2 text messages. Yay!

They have slept in today until midday!  Middday!  What a waste of a day, and when they did wake up they merely wet the towels wrapped around the pipe some more before quickly telling me they were going out.  So I won't see them until tomorrow because they rarely return before the witching hour.

No jobs done, dirty pots left by the side of the sink, and I would put money on the sock she dropped last night still being on the stairs handrail by her room where I left it for her when she was sleeping this morning.  It took her 3 days to move the diet coke I bought for her Saturday and that was only because I took it upstairs and left it in front of her bedroom door to find when she arrived hoome last night.

Oh to be a teenager again!

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