Monday, 7 July 2014

To be sun or not to be sun

Today I am sat in bed (not a great visualisation I agree) listening to Hubby snore and not seeing sun stream through my windows.

I love the sun and although not good for my skin I love nothing more than to sit in it.  Earlier this week I even put my sun bed up but then couldn't soak up the sun because of the stupid Vertigo. Until yesterday afternoon when, after picking up Hubby from work, I decided to take a book and myself outside for an hour of peace and quiet.

Granted I fell asleep after about 10 minutes and it is a good job I waited until the sun was a little less hot because I may be rocking a mild pinkness with mostly brown this morning.  However, seen as I am back at work on Tuesday (unless the sick note I pick up today says more than 1 week) I can be safe in the knowledge that I sat in the sun for all of 4 hours of this mini heat wave we have had in the last 2 weeks before returning to work.

And I say that because the sun does not, at this time, look to be making much of an appearance today and that is a good thing because I want to do some jobs before I return to work.  

So far, I am rather proud of myself because despite vertigo these last two days I have managed to:
- Hoover the bedroom, stairs and landing (a good job because neither Hubby nor Beautiful B have noticed that Fredster has been shedding his dog hair at a rate of half a body a day on them)
- swept up the Fredster fur balls from the edges of every room where we have wooden floors and from the bottoms of table legs (a good job because Beautiful B, whose job it is to sweep up twice a week, is  incapable of doing the job to the degree I need her to)
- put kitchen electric products in cupboards to make more counter space for cooking (I say that like it was easy but as our kitchen, and therefore cupboard space, is too small to swing a cat in I had to become a master at Tetris to make them fit)
- cleaned the inside windows on the patio door and in the kitchen (climbing like a monkey on base cupboards to reach) and the inside and outside windows of the front door.  

The latter job seems obvious (okay, as do them all) but when Hubby found out I had done them his reaction was 'why?' Which shows that both he and Beautiful B obviously think that fairies come out at night and clean the inside of the windows because neither of them have ever thought to do it.  

I won't tell you that after emptying rubbish into the outside bins I had to buff the front door windows again because the sun shone on the smudges I had left and it was driving me crazy - okay I just did.  Or that some time today if the sun shines the right way through the patio doors I will do the same thing if I created smudges on them when buffing them yesterday.

One of today's jobs will be to weigh Fredster's 14kg bag of dog food into individual 250g bags.  Not doing so will mean that he will almost double his weight in 2 weeks because Hubby and Beautiful B think they are feeding a tiger or something and almost overflow his food bowl.  And at £84 a bag for the specialist kidney protecting food they will also have a good run at trying to bankrupt me in that time too....

Our replacement mattress arrives today. We have only had this one 2 months and no we did not cause the springs to collapse by doing anything like jumping up and down on it like children do.  We are returning to a double mattress instead of a king as I am convinced that putting it on a double frame caused some of the damage despite what the salesperson assured me. 

I know I have been married for less than 2 years but I have quite enjoyed the extra space a king size provides especially during those times where Hubby has decided to sleep like a newborn baby and not smacked me in the head with his hand as he throws it over his head.  Nor does Cala dog stretch in her sleep and dig her feet in my back as she has more space - until tonight - honestly it's worse than having babies! 

Beautiful B is on leave from work today so that will be her trying to hog the washing machine and dryer all day because she will have stored a whole weeks washing and daily towels for one mammoth washing session.  And on that note I'm off to put some washing in while she is still snoring softly in her bed before I find a foghorn to wake the still sleeping Husband. 

Have a great day everyone.  


Having just ventured from the bedroom my heart sank as I saw the sun through the bathroom window. Which means I am going to have to find some willpower from somewhere to make me sit down and do my jobs.

I've been in the kitchen and there are streaks on my windows!  Streaks!  Which means more mountain climbing on cupboards to be rid of them. They are already grating on my nerves.  Someone needs to invent artificial sunlight that a woman can put near her windows to see the streaks as they are forming! Someone, anyone?  

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