Friday, 4 July 2014

Facts for a Friday

Well, firstly I have changed the font on this post because I have decided, randomly, that I don't like the one I was using.  Vertigo is obviously making me decisive.

Anyhoo, below are a list of random facts I found interesting or amusing or both:

  • A person can live without eating for weeks, but will only survive eleven days without sleep.  I would survive about 5 days.  
  • The occurrence of type 2 diabetes in children, once unheard of, has risen 45% in the USA in the last 10 years, largely due to soaring obesity rates among kids. How come Ronald McDonald manages to stay so thin? 
  • Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents.  A pity then that my brain will only remember about 10 of them.
  • The medical condition known as heart failure does not mean that your heart has arrested or is about to stop working but that the organ isn't pumping enough blood through the body.  
  • We grow in our sleep, and wake up every morning about 8 milimetres taller than the night before.  However, we return to our former height as gravity compresses our cartilage discs back into place throughout the day.
  • In 1990, a 63 year old Tennessee woman went in for exploratory surgery on what doctors through was a tumour on her buttock.  They found that the 'tumour' was 4 inch pork chop bone which doctors estimated had been in place for 5- 10 years but not caused the woman any pain due to her obesity. HOW?  Just HOW?
  • By law, all citizens must take a bath at least once a year in Kentucky, USA. 
  • Vermont, USA women must get written permission from their husbands before they get false teeth. 
  • Diagnoses of Attention Deficit/Hperactivity Disorder have risen 66% since 2000, and the condition now affect 4-12% of American children.
  •  In the 5th century castration was believe to cure the plauge.
  • The average human loses 85,000 brain cells each day, but only regenerates 50 new ones.   I am doomed.

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