Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What I learned this week

Well another week of feeling dizzier than normal and I seem to be coming out the back end of a bout of Vertigo - hallelujah!

This week has been mostly sunny and hot; such a waste when I have felt too ill to sit outside and soak it up.  Beautiful B is making plans to move in with her boyfriend and I finally have to accept that she is no longer my little girl.  So besides that what else did I learn this week?

  • Well, obviously the first thing has to be that intermittent dizziness and feeling sick is so much better than feeling like that constantly - I bet you are all amazed by that headline!
  • 42 is a great film and more evidence of how history can teach us just how awful humans can treat each other just because of the colour of their skin.
  • Secretly making plans for Christmas presents is so much fun.
  • On the flip side, it is my mother's birthday in 2 weeks and I have no idea what to get her as a present.
  • Hanging baskets full of flowers look so pretty and just looking at them through my patio doors warms my heart.
  • If I got paid to procrastinate I would be a millionaire.
  • Having 4 dogs causes a lot of fluff that constantly needs sweeping up.
  • The supermarket obviously think it is fine to sell open boxes of cereal just because the inside bag has not been opened - cheapskates!
  • It's a good idea to know what size bicycle inner tube you need before you go to the bike shop thinking you can help Hubby out.
  • Scandal is such a great series to watch on the TV and hugely addictive.
  • Rules of Engagement is a funny comedy.
  • Sky should be fined for deciding not to run the 9th season of Supernatural.
  • American TV should hurry up and finish airing the 9th series of Supernatural so that I can buy it on a UK playing DVD series.
  • I'm a little bit impatient.
  • You can guarantee that when I start feeling better the sun will come out when I have found a job to do indoors as it is cloudy so that I miss sitting out in the sun and relaxing - okay, you cannot guarantee it but again, I am a little impatient
  • The springs collapsing in our new mattress may have been a blessing in disguise because being able to choose a softer mattress as a replacement was such a GREAT IDEA!!!
  • Beautiful B will not believe me when I comment on a post about she and Ry disappearing on a short break for 3 days results in me deciding to throw a huge party; damn her knowing me too well!
  • The sun really beats down and heats up the dining room during the summer so that I start to swelter when working in the late afternoon - pity I never realised that when I used to have the lounge in this room and complained it was cold.
  • When Beautiful B goes away and leaves Fredster he will follow me around the house and lie down near my feet (brave dog) and use me as a comfort blanket.
  • The night before I return to work I may contemplate doing some elearning for work in the evening because Hubby has decided that it is a golf and football night on the TV.
So...pray tell me - what have you learned this week?

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