Friday, 25 July 2014

The Leaking Pipe

Having reported the leak in our pipes at home to the insurance company, I thought I would need to call the insurance company back and tell them that the promised telephone call, within the hour, from a plumber to arrange a visit to fix the leak did not occur. 

I obviously would not tell them:

  • that the promise resulted in me staying in the house instead of shopping for lingerie and picking up of a wedding ring for fear of missing the call. 
  • Or that I then had to leave Hubby in the car while I shopped for lingerie, after I collected him from work, so he could man my mobile in case the promised call within the hour actually happened.
  • Or that Hubby insisted I did not need to leave the car running for the air conditioning as he had put his car window down. 
  • Or that when I returned to the car Hubby explained that he had made a mistake because it was boiling outside and inside the car!  As I expected!
  • Or that I did an inside snigger at his error and for not listening to me…..bad Ribena, bad.

I was ready to call the insurance company this morning at 9am, as we were still waiting for a call from the plumber, and ask whether they could chase the plumber up when my mobile rang.  Said plumber explained he would be with me in 5 – 10 minutes!

  • Cue me shooing the fluff bags in the bedroom so they didn’t lick him to death.  Cue me randomly throwing towels and blankets in the bath and emptying the cupboard of Hubby’s DIY tools that he does not know how, nor has the inclination, to use. 
  • Cue me picking up the weighing scales and putting them elsewhere – anywhere except where I could accidentally stand on them and have a heart attack.
  • Cue me lighting candles with my scented beady things so that the house smelled less of dog.
  • Cue me washing up.

The plumber was here for less than 20 minutes – no more leak.

Email train with Hubby went like this:

Me:      Plumber will be here in 5-10 minutes so I will be fine to pick you up from work at 4pm.

Hubby: That was quick after your rant with the insurance company.

Me:      I didn’t call the insurance company; the plumber called me before I called the insurance company.

Me:      Leak fixed; here less than 20 minutes.

And here is where it gets slightly interesting:

Hubby: Did he find anything?

Me:      Yes!  A leak!

REALLY?! Did he find anything?  Of course he did!  I reported a leak because we had a leaking pipe.  Sometimes I despair.  Hubby obviously left his brain at home this morning.

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