Thursday, 24 July 2014

The downfalls of incedibly hot and sunny days in the UK

As we seem to be in the middle of a very rare mini heatwave I thought I would dedicate a post to my thoughts about it. Of course, we all know that I love the sun and given the choice would live in a hot, sunny climate so I'm not going to harp on about that.  Instead, I am going to write what may turn out to be a very short list of what the downfalls are.

  • Obviously, the UK, specifically the North of the UK does not have enough of sunny warm days and therefore not enough opportunity for BBQs...oh yes and sunbathing
    • On the upside Hubby doesn't bankrupt us by cooking enough meat to feed the street on many occassions
  • When we do get the sun the world and his wife tend to be out in it
  • Invariably we always get sunny hot days on work days when we stare wistfully out of the window wishing to be anywhere but where we are
  • Our production at work suffers because a) it is too hot and b) we don't want to be there
  • We spend our days saying 'Ooooh what a lovely day!' because we all know that the UK population cannot seem to resist talking about the weather
  • The housework may suffer as those sun-loving of us spend all our time between work, sleep and chores soaking up rays
  • We get sunburnt a lot because in the excitement of what could possibly be only one day of sun and heat we sit out in it too long
  • It is that long since we last saw sun our skin burns on the first rays impact
  • We all wish for larger back gardens so that the sun does not move behind the house and leave us in the shade earlier than we would like
  • We all scramble to take annual leave from work at the same time
  • We all moan it is far too hot, especially on a train
  • Some of us spend the time popping headache pills
  • All the little fluff bags have to go out at the crack of dawn to avoid melting on a walk 
  • The electricity bills soar as electric fans are left on 24 hours a day - of course, that is only for those of us lucky enough to get to the shops before they all sold out of fans
  • Hubby will feel it is too hot to ride to work on his bike, much like he says it is too windy to ride to work on his bike amazingly
  • Hubby, who is very warm in the middle of winter, won't be able to cope and will come out in hives and be, understandably, miserable
  • she who drinks room temperature Pepsi Max and Diet Coke will put her drinks in the fridge (I KNOW!)
  • she will also spend most of her time trying to find reasons to drive through the McDonald's Drive-thru for Peach and Passionfruit Smoothies and Crunchie McFlurry's (though I am trying to convince myself that it isn't a bad thing)
  • and, if you are me as you spend your life taking Hubby to and picking him up from work and losing some of the 2 hours of sunbathing you have set aside for yourself at the end of the work day you may just sit out in it for an hour at lunch time, ignore the fact that it has to be over 30 degrees centigrade because it is as hot as it was on your honeymoon in Morrocco and come in with a pinkish face after only an hour....and be slightly grateful that the same time the next day you will be on a train and not able to sunbathe.
So what do you love, or not love, about Summer sun and the occasional heat wave?

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