Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The things I do for my best friend!

I have just realised that today is my 400th post.  I don't think I have ever done 400 of anything unless you could drink cans of pop or eating chocolate bars.....

It is only fitting therefore that today's post was is one I wrote that week and scheduled and just happens to be about one of my best friends.  The fact that it is about Angel is just by pure chance - that and the fact that she has a huge birthday coming up.

One of my best friends, Angel, who I have known since I was 12 years old is 40 in August.  When she was asked by her Hubby what she wanted to do for her birthday she said that she wanted to spend it with those that she loved and that loved her.

Her Hubby sent out a text message explaining what she wanted to 38 of her closest family and friends telling us that he had booked and paid for a lodge big enough for us all to spend the weekend and celebrate Angel’s birthday with her – yes, she is that loved, wonderful in every way that she has 38 people who love her.  I certainly could not make such a list for myself.

Anyhoo, Angel’s Hubby surprised her with his plan and since then she and her family have been planning what the weekend will consist of.  She told me that the Saturday night will be devoted to a fancy dress party.

My heart sank!  For me and for my Hubby.  I am very much an introvert and the idea of having to dress up is terrifying and more so because I am at my biggest weight ever.  I somehow had in my head that the theme was ‘What you wanted to be when you grew up’ so that was easy – nursing scrubs for me and football shorts for Hubby as a) he is obsessed with football and b) he already has Lord knows how many football shirts.  Unfortunately, I think the theme was just wishful thinking on my part!

When the finalised plans were sent out I discovered that the theme is ‘Stars of stage and screen.’  Great, so I had to find a fat role and no idea what for Hubby.

Eventually, I discovered that I could go as the Scream character as I could get an outfit in my size and it would hide it somewhat.  Hubby could go as Bruce Willis in Die Hard; that way he could still where his jeans and all I had to get was a white vest and muddy it up a bit.  I thought that would mean he was as comfortable as he could be.

However, Hubby appears to have blanked the fancy dress out of his mind considering it too terrifying to recall.  I am convinced he was nearly in tears when I told him what the theme was and what I thought we could go as.

I felt so sorry for him because he hates fancy dress as I do, he would prefer to blend in with people and hates calling any attention to himself.  Regardless of the fact that everyone else will be in fancy dress he will still feel that too much attention is on him.  I feel the same way but unlike me, the only people he knows are Angel, her Hubby and her kids.  At least I will know, even if on a very small measure, about 10 people there. 

So Hubby told me to leave it with him.  He knows he can’t refuse to go and he knows that he cannot refuse to do fancy dress as that would call even more attention to him and he would not dream of refusing Angel’s request. 

Two days later, in the car on the way to work, he said that he had been thinking about it and thought it better for he and I to go as a linked theme.  When he said that he thought that I could go as a minion and he could go as the main male character I nearly crashed the car!

So, wait!  Instead of just having to wear a dirty white vest he thinks that it would be better for me to have to go out and find him a black jacket and a scarf and a top?!  Hubby didn’t even wear a jacket for our wedding! 

I’m confused.  Angel thinks it is a brilliant idea especially because she thinks I am crazy enough to be a minion and therefore it suits my character.  I would prefer the Scream fancy dress as I can hide.  There is no hiding as a minion.

Shopping for the required clothing is going to be a damn nightmare!  I don't think they do the outfit in my size.

Shopping will also include the acquisition of a lot of vodka and beer so that we can get drunk very quickly in the hopes that we won’t care what we are dressed as.

I wonder if I could get yellow body paint anywhere……

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